The current season of Apex Legends, Season 7, is slowly coming to a close, so naturally, we’re all looking forward to what’s coming next!

Thanks to a slew of leaks and early information, we won’t have to wait long! Season 8 of our favorite battle royale is called Mayhem and based on its offerings, it’ll surely live up to its name!

Apex Legends Season 8
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From new goodies to character updates to a whole new Season Pass, the next chapter of Apex Legends is looking like it’s going to be a solid one!

Here’s everything we know from the early patch and leaks of Season 8:

New Legend: Fuse

We’re still barely cutting our teeth with Horizon and already we’re excited for the next Legend to hit the scene!

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Hailing from Salvo, Fuse is undoubtedly going to be a top pick for those who enjoy wreaking havoc on the battlefield. He’s got a prosthetic arm that launches explosive projectiles, while his ultimate lets him fire off a mortar that ignites the ground with a ring of fire on impact.

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From what we gather, this brand new Legend will be a favorite among players who enjoy a no-holds-barred and straightforward approach to their firefights!

New Weapon: 30-30 Repeater

Season 7 of Apex Legends may not have included a weapon but Season 8 will soon quench our boredom with a brand new toy!

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From the leaks and notes, it seems the 30-30 Repeater is a lever-action rifle that uses Heavy Rounds. Not much else is known about this gun but we do have a small piece of trivia about it:

The name may be a reference to the .30-30 cartridge used by Winchester 1894 rifle, making it possible the Repeater’s mechanics will be inspired by it.

New Items: Gold Magazines

Revealed by leaks and confirmed by patch notes, Gold Magazines are coming to Apex Legends as a key change in Season 8!

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What these items do is automatically reload holstered weapons. They may sound overpowered right off the bat but designer Daniel Klein has eased our fears by confirming the reload effect only activates after a short delay. “Whew!” for those at the mercy of quick reloaders, “Aww!” for those hoping to up their game with them!

New Feature: Damage Tracker

This has been a highly requested feature from the community of Apex Legends players. While it’s possible to see how many Legends you’ve eliminated and your total damage at the end of a match, there’s no way to see how well you’re doing in-game.

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Respawn has fortunately heeded our pleas and will be introducing an in-game damage tracker so you can check how well you’re pulling your weight.

Changes to Kings Canyon Map

The arrival of Fuse not only brings Mayhem in name but in the landscape of Kings Canyon as well!

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If you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve noticed that a lot of chaos went down during Fuse’s arrival celebration. Now the Legends have their familiar battleground forever changed. But that’s not just about the look and feel of the place!

New locations and structures mean more high-tier loot and even more prime landing spots. Season 8 will also introduce Charge Towers which can fully charge a character’s Ultimate. Expect massive firefights breaking out in the vicinity of these hotly contested spots!

Updates and Changes to Legends

It’s not an Apex Legends update without some adjustments to the titular Legends themselves!


Her Amped Cover ability will be receiving an additional 45 health.

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Respawn has stated they want to adjust her hitbox so that she functions similarly to other Legends.



The devs want to adjust her tactical ability and have yet to provide further details.

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According to Respawn, they’ve hit a snag in terms of buffing this Legend. It’s possible that he may be receiving just hitbox changes.

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The devs want to make this Legend more fun to play with, but haven’t dived into details.

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A fix where decoys’ footsteps can be heard is on the way.

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Caustic Hammer will finally be able to break doors in the upcoming Season 8.

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A Gr8t Season to Be!

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And that’s it for our breakdown of the key changes coming to Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem! Are you ready to rock and be rocked?!