Introduced in Mortal Kombat 2, Jax Briggs has been a staple character of the popular fighting game series. Lore-wise, he’s both tussled and rubbed shoulders with the most iconic of characters.

Below, is a collection of Mortal Kombat 11 Jax Briggs quotes from his dialogues with the entire cast.

VS. Baraka

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Jax: Somebody’s getting teeth broken.

Baraka: Or his metal arms cut off.

Jax: Or his arm blades ripped out.

While the dialogue is intended for humor, it’s a clear reference to the fact that Jax lost his flesh arms after his fight against Ermac in the alternate 2011 timeline.

VS. Cassie Cage

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Jax: Ya know, in the Marines, officers eat last.

Cassie: You think I need leadership training?

Jax: I think you’re in over your head.

Being the veteran soldier he is, Jax always has words of wisdom for the young upstart. The “officers eat last” is a real mantra of the US Marine Corps and also a reference to Simon Sinek’s book called Leaders Eat Last.

VS. Cetrion

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Jax: Quit driving me out of my mind.

Cetrion: I am no scheming demon, Jackson.

Jax: Cetrion, you’re straight-up poison.

While there’s no direct connection between Jax Briggs and Cetrion, this quote feels like a reference to Alice Cooper’s song Poison.

VS. D’Vorah

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Jax: Didn’t see you at the tournament.

D’Vorah: I was transporting Shaolin prisoners.

Jax: So it’s your butt Raiden kicked.

D’Vorah and Baraka both had to face off against the Thunder God while transporting Shaolin Monks during the Shao Kahn Outworld tournament. Jax is rubbing salt in the wounds, reminding the bug queen how she got squashed in the fight.

VS. Erron Black

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Jax: You still with Kotal Kahn?

Erron Black: Until a better offer comes along.

Jax: Can’t respect a man with no code.

Being the loyal soldier he is, Jax condemns a mercenary like Erron Black’s lack of honor in favor of his own greed.

VS. Frost

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Jax: Thought the Lin Kuei were like family?

Frost: Family only ever held me back.

Jax: Your Daddy must be so proud.

This exchange is a direct reference to Frost’s claim that she killed her own mother when she was 12. It’s unconfirmed, but Jax, being a father himself, shows his contempt for it regardless.

VS. Fujin

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Jax: I hear together we kick Netherrealm’s ass.

Fujin: We help turn the tide against Shinnok.

Jax: That’s a future worth fighting for.

Fujin hasn’t had much development before the Aftermath expansion. This quote with Jax Briggs in Mortal Kombat 11 references how the god is even more attached to the humans than Raiden is.

VS. Geras

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Jax: You’re pretty jacked for an errand boy.

Geras: This mission is no errand.

Jax: Nah, it’s a chore for both of us.

While there’s no lore connection between the two characters, this exchange is still amusing. Jax is taking a clear dig at Geras for being created for the sole purpose of doing Kronika’s bidding.

VS. Jacqui Briggs

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Jax: So what the heck happened in Fiji?

Jacqui: God, can we not do this?

Jax: Don’t keep your secrets from your old man.

This reference is one in a series of three that allude to an event involving Jacqui in Fiji. It’s never known what happened so this may be Mortal Kombat 11’s way of referencing Marvel for using a never further discussed event for comedic effect.

VS. Jade

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Jax: Your friends tortured me in Goro’s lair.

Jade: I have renounced them and Shao Kahn.

Jax: Doesn’t mean you’re forgiven.

This quote from Jax is a reference to him being imprisoned by Shang Tsung and tortured in the iconic stage from the original game.

VS. Jax Briggs

Via: Youtube/Throneful

Jax #1: What’s your Vera like?

Jax #2: Vera? Who’s Vera?

Jax #1: I pity you, fool.

Vera Briggs is Jax’s wife. Having this exchange with an alter ego is part comedic and part reference to his love for his wife.

VS. Johnny Cage

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Jax: Not surprised I have a kid, but you?

Johnny Cage: I know, especially after the snip-snip.

Jax: Never let Cassie hear you say that.

It’s always funny when Johnny and Jax are doing some banter. The “snip-snip” part implies that the movie star had undergone a vasectomy, partly implying he never wanted kids.

VS. The Joker

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Jax: I’ll never forgive you, Joker.

Joker: Which of my crimes has your panties twisted?

Jax: Making Kano seem like less of a monster.

There’s no real connection between the iconic Batman villain and Jax Briggs as they come from different franchises. However, even Jax himself has to acknowledge just how terrible Joker’s crimes truly are.

VS. Kabal

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Jax: Black Dragon thug.

Kabal: You say that like it’s bad.

Jax: Gonna hunt you all down.

Black Dragon is a clan led by Kano and it’s Jax’s unit’s job to hunt them down. This exchange is a reference to the soldier’s dedication to this mission.

VS. Kano

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Jax: Hold up, didn’t you die?

Kano: Magician can’t reveal his secrets.

Jax: Fine, I’ll just beat’em outta you.

While Kano never officially dies during Mortal Kombat’s timeline, his passing was presumed at some point. This exchange with Jax is a reference to how rumors of Kano’s death were greatly exaggerated.

VS. Kitana

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Jax: Don’t usually fight royalty, Kitana.

Kitana: There’s a first time for everything.

Jax: Hopefully won’t be my last.

There are several ways this quote can be interpreted. Given Kitana is a princess and a skilled fighter, it could either mean Jax is concerned for his wellbeing in the fight or that he has a few other royal members he’d like to tussle with. Or both!

VS. Kollector

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Jax: Wait, you’re not Shokan?

Kollector: They have four arms, we have six.

Jax: Must be something in Outworld’s water.

An obviously humorous exchange that speaks to Jax Brigg’s comedic effect throughout Mortal Kombat 11.

VS. Kotal Kahn

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Jax: Never thought Kitana’d end up Kahn.

Kotal Kahn: I need no reminder, Commander Briggs.

Jax: I hope you’re not getting any ideas.

Kotal is showing his contempt for Kitana’s rise to power in this Mortal Kombat Jax Briggs quote. It also shows how he’s keeping his guard up against the former Kahn.

VS. Kung Lao

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Jax: Remember that time at the Dead Pool?

Kung Lao: You gave Reptile an acid bath.

Jax: This is gonna hurt worse.

There’s no real lore connection we can find between Jax and Reptile. This quote may be a reference to the Dead Pool stage that had its own unique Fatality.

VS. Liu Kang

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Jax: Sonya’s got a lot of faith in you.

Liu Kang: Coming from her, that means something.

Jax: I think you’re still untested.

Liu Kang is a dedicated warrior who’s in pursuit of improvement. This exchange with Jax just shows how the kung fu master doesn’t quite believe the gruff soldier is up to the task.

VS. Mileena

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Jax: We have Shang Tsung to thank for you?

Mileena: Who else but the great sorcerer?

Jax: Reason number 5000 that man is on my shit list.

In this quote, Jax is making a reference to Mileena being a clone created by the soul-eating sorcerer. He’s also taking a dig at Mileena’s monstrous-looking face.

VS. Nightwolf

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Jax: Y’know we both become Revenants.

Nightwolf: Except you get saved, and I end up cursed.

Jax: Was in the right place, at the right time.

Jax and Nightwolf are referencing a point in the timeline when both of them were forced to serve under Shinnok as his Revenants.

VS. Noob Saibot

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Jax: Man, Scorpion toasted you.

Noob Saibot: Ermac ripped off your arms.

Jax: But I survived, you didn’t.

In this humorous exchange, both Jax and the shadowy ninja are taking digs at each other for losing battles against other iconic MK characters.

VS. Raiden

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Jax: Your memories of the future include this?

Raiden: We are in uncharted territory, Major.

Jax: Is that a good thing or not?

Jax is clearly taking a dig at Raiden for making a mess of the timeline with his decisions.

VS. Rain

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Jax: You should’ve left Jacqui alone.

Rain: I never meant to cause you any sorrow.

Jax: Well now I’m going to cause you pain.

We’re not sure what event this quote is referencing but it seems to imply that Jax’s daughter may have lost a fight against Rain.

VS. Rambo

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Jax: You took out Shao Kahn’s army single-handed?

Rambo: Just did what had to be done.

Jax: You gotta gift for demolition, man.

Jax is making a humorous reference to Rambo’s ability to take on entire armies all on his own.

VS. RoboCop

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Jax: You got any original parts left?

RoboCop: Just what’s under the helmet.

Jax: And I thought losing my arms was bad.

This Mortal Kombat 11 Jax Briggs quote is a fun reference to how both men are cybernetic humans.

VS. Scorpion

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Jax: Not sure I like Jacqui with one of yours.

Scorpion: Takeda is worthy, Commander.

Jax: He damn well better be.

Like any loving father out there, Jax will always disapprove of any and all suitors seeking his daughter’s hand!

VS. Shang Tsung

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Jax: This must be my lucky day.

Shang Tsung: Major Briggs, my old captive.

Jax: And I remember all of it.

This exchange between Jax and the soul-eating sorcerer is a reference to the time the latter imprisoned him in Goro’s Lair.

VS. Shao Kahn

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Jax: Your flunky really ticked me off.

Shao Kahn: Ermac was to kill you.

Jax: As if ripping my arms off would do it.

It’s not like Jax Briggs to let something as small as losing his arms to set him back from taking down Outworld’s nastiest baddies!

VS. Sheeva

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Jax: Damn, Sheeva, that you?

Sheeva: Address me as Queen of the Shokan.

Jax: I see you’ve gone full diva.

Jax may be onto something in this quote towards the new ruler of the Shokan who may have let everything go to her head.

VS. Sindel

Via: Youtube/MKBloodAndWar

Jax: Fighting ladies? Not my thing.

Sindel: There are other ways to be physical.

Jax: Woman, I’m an officer, not some gigolo!

A humorous exchange that’s probably Jax’s way of saying Sindel isn’t into older women.

VS. Skarlet

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Jax: You tangled with my baby girl.

Skarlet: She bled like the child she is.

Jax: Time for the grown ups to bleed.

If you lay a finger on Jax’s daughter, he will find you, and he will kill you. Yup, it’s time we added a reference of our own! It’s unclear if this battle actually happened canonically, though.

VS. Sonya

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Jax: Discipline’s never been your problem.

Sonya: I don’t have problems, just solutions.

Jax: Thinking that way is problematic.

Jax and Sonya always have good military-inspired banter. This is just one of the best quotes from their many dialogue exchanges.

VS. Spawn

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Jax: Maybe Raiden can help you.

Spawn: There’s no saving me.

Jax: You’re giving me no choice, Al.

Spawn made the regrettable choice of serving as Hell’s soldier. This exchange with Jax Briggs is a reference to how he can never take it back.

VS. Sub-Zero

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Jax: This a friendly fight, Sub-Zero?

Sub-Zero: I prefer to see your full strength.

Jax: Stone cold. I like that.

Jax isn’t a fan of working with the Lin Kuei but he’s not one to miss out on an opportunity for an ice pun towards Sub-Zero.

VS. The Terminator (T-800)

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Jax: You just can’t go around killing people.

Terminator: Why not?

Jax: You just can’t! Trust me.

This exchange is a beat-for-beat recreation of the iconic dialogue the T-800 has with John Connor in Terminator 2.