Sonya Blade is a very interesting character. She has gone through a lot of changes in the past. For example, she was originally supposed to be wearing her iconic green outfit that she’s worn for decades but they made her wear black instead because it looked better on camera.

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Additionally, Sonya Blade is very well known among fans for having one of the best storylines ever written about any character from anything period. It’s no wonder why so many people are excited to see what happens next with this franchise!

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So here is the list of what we think are her best quotes in Mortal Kombat 11!

I’m tough, but I don’t like hitting girls.

This quote is meant to be quite a joke considering Sonya herself is a female too. She knows how to hit people, but she doesn’t like hitting girls.

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I’m not losing another family!

This line is a reference to how her family was killed off in the last installment of the game.

You don’t stand a chance.

She says this while fighting Jade in the game, which is very true considering that Sonya Blade has always had more experience than her when it comes to combat. This quote also shows how confident she is about beating up on anyone who tries to get in her way of what needs to be done!

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They say that revenge is sweet; well it’s only because when you lose everything that matters to someone who took it all away from you there’s nothing sweeter than payback.

Sonya Blade is a character that has been in the making for decades. All her life she has served in the United States Army and was even a member of Special Forces before everything fell apart when Earthrealm got invaded by Outworld’s evil emperor, Shao Kahn.

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I can take care of myself!

Sonya Blade tends to say this very often in the game, which shows how independent she is. It also serves as a reminder that she doesn’t need anyone’s help really with anything!

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The power of good will always triumph over evil!

This quote may sound generic but it does serve its purpose and it’s definitely worth mentioning.

I won’t let you hurt my family again!

This quote is said by Sonya right before she fights Shao Kahn, which was a really tough battle as we all know and this line of dialogue shows how much she cares about the people close to her and what lengths she would go to in order to protect them.

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Your reign of terror is over!

This quote was said by Sonya right after she beat up Shao Kahn with a really cool finishing move! It shows how confident and strong she felt following this victory.

For me? Thank you… But it looks like he wanted to kill us both anyway!

This is another quite humorous quote that Sonya says in the game when it’s revealed that Shao Kahn was actually trying to kill her at first.

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I’m not going to leave Earthrealm defenseless just so I can get back and…” (takes out phone) “text my boyfriend about the latest episode of The Bachelor. Sorry Johnny Cage but when there are six billion people on earth maybe try dating one that isn’t in danger?

This quote is very funny because it shows how much Sonya loves Johnny Cage, but she won’t leave the planet to save him if things are going south. She’s also very self-aware about her appearance and that she would never be on a show like The Bachelor! Well, I guess at least there’s always hope for fans of Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage to see them together in the future!

I’m looking forward to killing you again!

This is just another funny line that Sonya says while fighting Raiden, who was evil at this point during Mortal Kombat 11. It’s meant as a joke of course but it does sound like she really wants to kill him again.

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I’ll take you down with me!

This is a quote that Sonya says right before she sacrifices herself in order to save the world from Shao Kahn’s evil scheme! It shows how much of a hero she really is, which made it even more difficult for Mortal Kombat fans out there when she died in the last installment.

I believe I will!

This is a very good quote that Sonya says when she switches sides to fight alongside Raiden after being tricked by Shao Kahn into believing that he was on her side! It shows how much faith she has in herself and what’s right, which are important qualities.

They call me Sonya Blade… And I don’t play games.

This is a cool quote that Sonya says after she beats up Goro in the game. She has an amazing sense of humor and this line shows it!

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You want a fight?! Come find me!

This quote was said by Sonya while she’s fighting Shao Kahn in the game, which is a very good example of how badass and confident she can be.

This fight is far from over.

And this quote that she says while fighting Shao Kahn himself in the game shows how much perseverance and courage Sonya has, especially when it comes to taking on people who are way more powerful than her! She won’t stand down even if it

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