Blade & Soul Revolution is a vastly enjoyable and addictive mobile game garnering attention since the days of its original PC predecessor. With so many players dwelling in this martial arts world, it’s unsurprising that so many people wish to see who or what is the best class in the entirety of the game.

Blade & Soul Revolution
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By the end of this guide, you’re going to be given all the information you could ever need to build the best possible class you can get! And so, let’s begin by announcing what we feel is:

Blade & Soul: Revolution’s Best Class

To make things nice and simple, the best solo class in the game would have to go to:

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This particular class starts off strong and ends up even stronger. Why? Because the way the class’ skills scale with every single level of improvement is practically unprecedented when compared to the rest of the game’s classes.  Through the use of the Destroyer class, you can really skip out on a lot of the crowd-control (CC) effects, even against Field Bosses, that you’re bound to be experiencing. Not only does this make the solo experience nice and simple, it’s even effective for fans of the PVP class.

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In terms of an archetype, Destroyer really is the best tank and solo class in the game, hands down!

Grinding Your Way

In the game, there are several really good ways to get the necessary experience and silver that you need to get where you need to go with your character. Getting the most out of earning silver and experience is where quests and daily dungeons come into play. For those that don’t have time to do both of these for all hours of the day; choose to focus on daily dungeons and daily tasks instead.

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Daily dungeons and tasks reset every 24 hours — once they are gone, they’re gone, so make the most of them! The kind of EXP and silver these daily events bring to the table is a highly recommended way of getting your character and their gear to the best they can possibly be.

Obviously, when you’re starting to become clearly destitute for experience and some extra rewards, it’s about time you went out and did some grinding across the map. It may take some time and it won’t be nearly as efficient as daily dungeons, events, and daily tasks, but you can’t dispute just how effective some daily grinding can be when the time comes for it.

Passive Skills

With the passives, there are a lot of different options you can focus on. Each class has its own specialty, and with the Destroyer being the best tank and solo class in the game, your best bet is to try and focus on the defensive side of things. Obviously, you’re going to want to get a little bit of damage as well, but be sure to focus on Defense 1, 2, and 3.

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On the flipside, however, don’t focus so much on the HP stats. The Destroyer class is already really strong and resistant to damage, so they don’t really need any extra health, not when their Defense is designed to reduce much damage they take. Both the HP and Critical Def stats aren’t massive focuses for this class, so keep that in mind when upgrading those passives.

Active Skills

Alongside the passive skills, there are several active ones that this class really needs to make it truly pop! In all honesty, despite all the focus we placed on boosting your character’s defenses above, the best skill that this class has on offer is “Rage,” an offense-boosting ability.

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This ability allows for a gigantic boost to the Destroyer’s attack for a short period of time, while giving them a brief window of invulnerability. Being invulnerable is only for a couple of seconds, but the other classes are granted a mere one second with their evade. This allows the destroyer to so easily mitigate some serious attacks from bosses that the other classes painfully fail to do.

In terms of damage, “Hurricane” is really where it’s at and should be a primary focus for when attempting to do some serious damage. This skill allows you to spin around in a 360-degree motion, resulting in continuous AOE damage until the skill runs out. At any point you’re surrounded by enemies, “Hurricane” is an absolutely invaluable ability in your arsenal to have at the maximum level of 20!

Last, but not least, you’re going to want to spend some points into “Ram.” Every other class in the game has access to some great utility and movement options, but the Destroyer does not. That is probably the biggest disadvantage of using this class. All he really has is “Ram” and with it being the only option for quick utility, it’s going to be a skill more than worth focusing on. Not necessarily all the way up to level 20, but just enough to get the most out of it.


Due to the huge variety gears available and the many circumstances in which a Destroyer would participate in the game — be it in open world main story battles, Hongmoon training, field boss battles, dungeons, etc. — there is no one size that fits all. Rather, we have a general recommendation to keep your eyes open for a piece of gear that can be upgraded and used for the sake of improving “Piercing.”

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Piercing allows your attacks to ignore the defense stat of an enemy and potentially deal more damage even with a lower attack stat. Due to the Destroyer being a slow-attacking class, you really do want to make every single attack count, and Piercing does exactly that!


Having a pet is one of the luxurious features in this game, and, although costly to upkeep (just like any pets in real life), it’s worth knowing what potential pets are worth looking out for. A clear-cut example is Wukong, who gives a large HP boost and the possibility to increase your block rate with each successful attack. This makes the little guy a great add-on for tanking!

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The Emperor Carp isn’t the least useful to boost your defenses or attacks, but whoa! It gives you an incredible huge boost in item drop rate – 26%! Chester’s “Covetous Option” can boost your drop rate even higher – a whooping 36%! But, of course, the greater the benefits these pets confer, the greater the effort you’ll need to put in to getting these pets and growing them up to your desired levels.

Your Choice Class

Overall, the Destroyer is easily the best tank, solo, and even PvP class in the entirety of the game! It might take a little while to get it to the level that you’re happy with, however, its potential is absolutely incredible! Regardless whether or not you’re soloing a dungeon or heading out into PvP, your brand-new Destroyer is going to be tearing up the fields!

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