A Character that Crosses Every Title

Name: Bob
Birthday: January 1st
Species: Cat
Gender: Male
Personality: Lazy

Animal Crossing is a game series that has one of the largest cult followings in the entire gaming world. With the recent launch of it’s newest game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, many who have never played the game series’ earlier iterations may wonder about the odd happenings and strange characters that you will find in this major title. One of these strange but charming characters is a cat named Bob. We will take a short but in-depth look at him and his renowned fanfare.

bob the cat
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Hey, That Furball Looks Familiar!

Bob is a central character who has appeared in every game of the Animal Crossing series. You will first find him in the original Animal Crossing game being the lazy cat villager, which he is and always will be. When you first meet him in the original title his first bit of dialogue to the player character is “pthhhpth”, likely referring to him hissing or coughing up a hairball. However, it is more likely that due to his temperament he is coughing up a hairball. His appearance is mainly that of a spotted, sleepy, lavender cat. He is incredibly friendly and laid back, making it easy to become his friend. You will generally find Bob at various spots in the game either lying down, relaxing or scrounging up food and fishing.

One game where Bob the Cat is somewhat different is in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. In this game, Bob is considered to be hip rather than a lazy villager. He is still very easy going but this distinction is made. “Bob is an easygoing kind of guy” – Bob’s Pocket Camp Profile. He also loves to send gifts to his friends in Pocket Camp, such as wood, sparkle stones and pictures of himself to the player character.

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Is Bob Really That Popular?

As stated earlier, Bob has a large fan following, which can be easily seen in the sheer number of Bob plush toys and amiibos that are sold annually. The only other character that may possibly rival Bob is Tom Nook. If anything, we just wanna collect all amiibos out there!

Few characters in Animal Crossing have extensive back stories, and unfortunately, Bob is not one of them. The few facts we have on him come from the game development side. His character ID is the first one to come up in the game files, meaning he was likely the first of all Animal Crossing characters created. Outside of that and his catch phrases, we know that his birthday is January 1st but the year is unknown. Bob is quite a mystery and maybe that is one of the reasons he is so intriguing for Animal Crossing fans. That and the fact that he is relatable to so many of us who love to lounge around and snack (insert your Animal Crossing guilty emoticon here).

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So, Are Ya Lovin’ Him Yet?

Bob the Cat – the great purple mystery of Animal Crossing, and one of our (and most likely many others!) absolute favorites in the game! Despite what little information we can gather on this lovely feline, we hope you enjoyed this short biography of Bob the Cat!

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