It seems the upcoming Call of Duty title “Modern Warfare” will reportedly have a massive battle royale mode. Developer, Infinity Ward, has yet to come out and publicly confirm or deny a rumor started by a Youtuber with the handle: TheGamingRevolution. Well, it’s not like we would blame Infinity Ward for wanting to dip the Call of Duty series even further into the battle royale genre due to the successes of games like Fortnite and Apex Legends.

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The mode itself is rumored to be three times the size of Black Op 4’s Blackout mode, which itself is already massive. Infinity Ward is also reportedly not going to settle for just 152 players either. The rumor is they’re aiming for an impressive number of 200 players on a single map. However, instead of Fortnite’s battle bus, the players will drop onto the battlefield from an AC-130 gunship.

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While this all may sound impressive, these rumors are a complete 180 from earlier reports of there being no plans for a battle royale mode. In fact, when this rumor surfaced, the developer merely responded with “no comment.” It would be a stretch on resources to see if Infinity Ward could pull off a battle royale mode in a game that already promises a campaign, co-op, and multiplayer mode.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is still in development for PS4 and Xbox One consoles alongside a PC release. However, those who play on PC will need to think about upgrading their gaming graphics card if they want to take advantage of optimal real-time ray tracing for the Modern Warfare release. The well-known shooter title is a soft reboot of its previous Modern Warfare title and will release in October of 2019, just in time for the holidays.


While we know the importance of sound effects (particularly in an FPS game), we would also find it important to hear accurate and realistic voicing too. Otherwise, imagine Captain Price using a droning voice for his sarcastic reply about “fruit-killing skills”! Find out who will be voicing as who in:

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