Hideo Kojima, the Japanese video game director behind the famed Metal Gear series, finally showed off the box art for his upcoming title, Death Stranding.

As we discussed in our previous article on Death Stranding, it seems that Kojima is producing yet another brand new genre, and it’s not a combination of different genres, like action+rpg or strategy+idle. What is this new genre called? Check it out here:

Kojima to Define Whole New Genre in Death Stranding?

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The box art features Norman Reedus who plays the character Sam Bridges in the game. Kojima has been showing off this title since 2016, about a year after his falling out with his previous company, Konami.

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Norman Reedus was attached to the project after Konami broke our hearts by breaking things up with Kojima after we were teased by the Silent Hills title through a demo called P.T. After the falling out, Kojima reformed Kojima Productions and partnered with Sony Interactive Entertainment to bring us this PlayStation 4 title. While Death Stranding was teased to us in 2016, Kojima didn’t actually start development of the game until 2017.

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The hype for the game is real among gamers though. Even years before its release, the Golden Joysticks Awards nominated Death Stranding as one of the most wanted games. It also sat in the top ten most watched video game trailers in 2018.

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While Hideo Kojima didn’t appear at E3 2019, he did appear at San Diego Comic Con to hold a “Master Storyteller” event to talk about Death Stranding, one of the final times to hype the game before its release in November 2019. In the “Master Storyteller” panel, Kojima talked about everything from Keanue Reeves to the battle royale game trend while finally showing off the standard edition box art of Death Stranding.

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The $70 special edition will include a steelbook and the collector’s edition, which includes some in-game items as well as a customer steel book and other physical items will cost $199.99. Unfortunately, due to Kojima Productions’ partnership with Sony, the game will be releasing exclusively for the PlayStation 4. There’s only a couple more months left to wait to see what this game is even about!

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