You should love MULES. Even if they’re electric-prodding terrorists that value merchandise over life. Imagine they exist in real life – they’d kill for a KAWS t-shirt! So what do you do? You find ways to kill and loot them!


If you’re trying to find adrenaline-filled high-octane action in Death Stranding, then you’re most likely going to find the gameplay (mostly) a little slow and tedious. However, the game isn’t just walking around with cargo on your back (at least you get a bike and other vehicles at certain points). You have to try to avoid or even fight to survive everything, from terrorists, to the souls of those stranded in the living world, and unintentionally (or intentionally) triggering voidouts.

One of the enemies you have to worry about in Death Stranding are known as MULES. Let’s take a look at what MULES are.

What Are MULES?

MULES in Death Stranding are porters like Sam who became so enamored with what they were transporting that they began hoarding them. You can infiltrate their camp and try to take everything back from them.


Can You Kill MULES?

Taking MULES in Death Stranding takes multiple approaches. There are certain ways of getting MULES to the ground. Unfortunately, you cannot kill MULES. You’re only knocking them out and taking things back from them. Let’s take a look at how to take out MULES and the different strategies you can try.

How To Take Out MULES?

The first way to take out a MULE is as basic as just punching them. You can just use your fists to knock them out, but keep in mind, there are more effective ways of doing so as punching them takes several tries.


The second option is to use a strand to take them out. You can use the strand to sneak up on them and take them out with a sneak attack. You can also use the strand to parry and counter their attacks to knock them out.


One effective and easy way to take out a MULE is by using the bola gun to knock them out with a headshot. You could also use two stun bombs to knock it out.


Fortunately, since you cannot kill MULES in Death Stranding, they eventually get back up and you can raid them all over again.


Happy hoarding, don’t become a MULE yourself!

As if dealing with unkillable enemies isn’t difficult enough, there’s still a challenge outside of the game: becoming the Legend of Legends!

Remember also to appreciate the beauty that makes Death Stranding’s artwork with the fan art created by fans of the game like yourself!