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Even if your online presence doesn’t span across multiple platforms, you most likely still caught wind of Keanu Reeve’s presence at E3 through one way or another. Our Xbox Show Stopper article covered the “John Wick” star at E3 promoting the game “Cyberpunk 2077” where he will appear as one of the game’s main characters.

The crowd wasn’t the wiser about a surprise appearance by Reeves. In fact, it was such a closely guarded secret that they even needed to use a stand-in to rehearse his lines. When Reeves appeared he was met by a pop from the crowd because of his reputation as a wholesome person despite his gritty action films such as John Wick and The Matrix.

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When he started describing the game as “breathtaking”, a heckler in the crowd yelled out, “You’re breathtaking!” The exchange was wholesome, and it was the kind of exchange you’d expect around Keanu Reeves.

But why is a celebrity of his status so revered?

It seems the internet has propelled Keanu Reeves to a renaissance of status without a lot of effort from the man himself. Appearing in movies doesn’t get you the kind of celebrity status you would expect anymore. However, once the internet latches onto a celebrity, they get pushed up into the clouds of, literally, the Cloud of internet memes and either admiration or disapproval, depending on what the celebrity has done.

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But why Reeves?

Before he became an internet darling, he spent time through memes in the early 2010s, mainly through the “Sad Keanu” meme of him on a bench looking depressed. Since then, the internet has dubbed him their “boyfriend” as he has done wholesome acts of kindness.

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The internet seems to just be gravitating not to Keanu Reeves, the actor, but Keanu Reeves, the person. In fact, his reaction to the internet’s obsession with him was simply “Wacky” but followed it up with telling us that positivity is great. You really are breathtaking Keanu.

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But this isn’t the first time Keanue Reeves is involved in an awesome game! He had a star appearance that drove fans of this battle royale game crazy!

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