Since the switch from a gritty FPS adventure to a narrative-heavy and zany, satirical games after Far Cry 3, the Far Cry series has been known for some of the best traversal methods in gaming. Whether that be the zip lines, the various buggies, motorcycles and vehicles. And let’s not forget the joystick-controlled one-man helicopter too! In short, this game series lets you get around in style! However, arguably all of these pale in comparison to the wingsuit in Far Cry 5.

Of course, this suit was available in Far Cry 3 and 4, making it a staple of the series. However, we have to say that Far Cry 5 offers the most comprehensive wingsuit experience, making it our pick of the bunch. So, we thought this would be a good time to run through everything there is to know about the wingsuit, such as the controls or where to find the thing itself.

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So, suit up and strap in as we take you on a fancy flight!

What is the Wingsuit in Far Cry 5?

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The wingsuit is a piece of apparel that can be found in the Far Cry 5 universe. It is a suit that essentially turns the player into a flying squirrel, allowing the player to create more air resistance and travel for longer distances when in mid-flight. It’s the perfect tool for quick traversal to undiscovered areas down below and grants you much more control of your flight path, meaning you can get the bird’s-eye view on camps, making scouting and attacking much easier processes.

Where can You Get the Wingsuit in Far Cry 5?

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Unlike past games where you got this piece of apparel through completing certain missions or simply by purchasing it at outposts, Far Cry 5 gives you an even easier way to acquire this. All you have to do is spend four perk points in the perk menu and from then on, you will have access to the wingsuit. Simple, aye?

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How to Use the Wingsuit in Far Cry 5?

So if you have access to the perk and been unfortunate enough to jump off a huge cliff without stumbling upon this guide first, then you likely know that you don’t receive any prompts on-screen regarding the controls for the wingsuit. This often leads to a quick pull of your parachute, or for those less fortunate, a puddle of protagonist on the ground below. So, to make you aware, you need to press a button to activate your wingsuit when you are in the air. This can be a little glitchy at times, so we would say give the button a few presses on the way down and eventually this will trigger the wingsuit. Rightfully.

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To activate this in mid-air you will need to press the following, according to your platform:

PC: Shift Button

Xbox: LS

PS4: L3

This will activate your wingsuit, and now you will have access to a much more controlled falling experience. You can use the following to arch left or right to change directions:


Xbox: Move analogue stick left or right

PS4: Move analogue stick left or right

Then if you wish to either nose dive or lift to glide for longer, you can do the following:


Xbox: Move analogue stick up or down.

PS4: Move analogue stick up or down.

Then while in the air, you can take in the scenery by looking around without changing the direction of your flight path, you can do this by doing the following:

PC: Move mouse to toggle vision

Xbox: Move right analogue stick to toggle vision

PS4: Move right analogue stick to toggle vision

Then finally, when you want to prepare for landing, you can activate your parachute that will ensure you land safely on the ground without sustaining any injury whatsoever. To do this, simply press the following:


Xbox: A

PS4: X

It’s also worth noting that you can switch between the parachute mode and the wingsuit mode on the fly. This is beneficial to the player as you cannot use weapons when in wingsuit mode but you can when in parachute mode. So, be sure to analyze the situation below and if a combat situation arises, pop that parachute!

Key Things to Remember When Using the Wingsuit

Use the airdrop perk: The airdrop perk allows players to fast travel to a location on the map and spawn in from above, allowing for a top-down assault on anyone below. This is also a great way to get more practice in with the wingsuit. Be sure to spawn in high locations and activate your wingsuit so you can get some experience of extended falls.

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Always use your parachute: Because of the extended time that the wingsuit grants you in the air, you can almost forget that you are airborne at all! However, no matter how slow you appear to be falling, you must always use your parachute. If you hit any objects like trees or structures or indeed the ground without popping your parachute, that’s a guaranteed death screen. So be sure to respect the ground below when you take to the skies.

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Death from above: While this may not exactly abide by the laws of physics like we do in reality, you can perform an aerial takedown from above if you are using a wingsuit and happen upon an enemy on the ground. However, we must warn you, this requires impeccable timing. So if you want to play it safe, this isn’t the way to do it. That being said, it is pretty awesome!

So that’s our guide to the wingsuit in Far Cry 5. What did you make of our guide? Was it useful to you? Do you think that the wingsuit is the best way to get around in this game? If not, which traversal method is better? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading!