Open world games are amazing. What isn’t there to love about sprawling worlds with innumerable nooks and crannies to explore. It’s a gamer’s dream! However, what makes it even more special is having a faithful animal companion who will accompany you and even help you in times of distress. In the Fallout series, you had Dogmeat. In The Witcher, you had Roach. Then in Pokemon, well, you had a whole incredible roster to come to your aid! Well, the Far Cry series has always offered its own animal buddies to serve you in battle and make storming bases that little bit easier. These are the animals you can pick up as ‘fangs for hire’.

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This was a trend that began back in Far Cry 5 which allowed you to utilize animals like bears, attack dogs or mechanized dachshunds in battle. Now sadly this service hasn’t been available in more recent iterations of the series but according to Ubisoft, the Fangs for Hire service will be back in business in Far Cry 6! So with that in mind, we wanted to speculate about the various animals that we could be getting this time around.

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Here are our best guesses for the Fangs for Hire options in Far Cry 6!

What is a Fang for Hire?

Before we jump into our list, maybe we better describe to those unaware what a ‘Fang for Hire’ actually is.

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Well, simply put, they are the animal equivalent of guns for hire. These are animals that you can add to your party and use to get through certain missions. They all have different perks and pitfalls and ultimately offer another tactical option when you engage in battle. They often make fighting other animals you encounter much easier. Plus, they can serve as a great distraction, allowing you to sneak around and get the job done nice and quietly.

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In past titles, to acquire these beasts as companions, you would need to actively seek them out. They would be in far off areas of the map and you would need to acquire clues from NPC characters regarding their location. So, we can only assume that you will have to do the same in Far Cry 6 if you want an animal buddy to fight your battles for you.

However, we have babbled enough, here are our picks:

The Cuban Hutia

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We feel that because this game will be set in Cuba, that it would be silly for the developers to pass up the opportunity to include some animal indigenous to the island. So we think the Cuban Hutia is a shoe-in for a fangs for hire animal. We admit, this cute little mammal may not be all that fearsome on paper, but the fangs for hire roster often have some animals that are suited up with gimmicks to make them more gruesome. So, we imagine if the Hutia does feature, we reckon that it will get equipped with a sharp knife or mounted automatic pistol. It would be a bold choice but stranger things have happened!

Butterfly Bat

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Sticking with the Cuban theme, we move onto the Butterfly Bat. This flying mammal is indigenous to the island of Cuba and is known as one of the smallest bats in the world. Not only is this animal a flying pest, it’s able to fit into spaces that a human could never dream of! So we reckon this animal may be used as a means of infiltration. The bat can sneak in through vents or cracks in the wall and then go about talking down your enemies with you safely standing outside. In reality, these little guys aren’t known for being vicious but this is a video game, so we say, “Ham it up a little!”

Cuban Boa

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If you want a fearsome ally, then a snake is one of the animals you want on your side! The Cuban Boa is a likely animal to join the Fangs for Hire roster for this reason. This snake is known for its constriction methods when it hunts it’s prey, so if you were to release this fearsome reptile into an enemy camp, they would likely be gasping for their last breath before they even knew what hit them. Again, this animal is known to prey on Rock Iguanas or the Cuban Hutia, but we would suspect that Ubisoft will fib just a little to help build the sense of spectacle.

The Cuban Crocodile

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Another species that has featured on the Fangs for Hire roster already. However, we are talking this time about the Cuban strand of Croc. In truth, there isn’t a lot of difference between the Cuban and American Crocodile variants other than the fact that the Cuban variant is soon to be extinct. Though, we see that as all the more reason to include these crocs. They’re angry and they have a score to settle. Plus, who wants to get in a tussle with a massive reptile, that’s right, no one.

White Bengal Tiger

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Ok, so this one isn’t to do with the Cuban setting. This one is more to do with the Cartels and with the mad dictator ruling the place in the game’s narrative. Whether it’s a Mafia don, a drug kingpin or a dictator, you can bet that these guys have tigers. So that means that a few illegal imports are probably on the island too. We bet you can get hold of one of these ferocious cats and put it to good use. Our bet is the White Bengal Tiger. Why, you ask? Well, it looks the coolest and we really don’t have much else to go on (insert smiley face).


Then lastly, the list wouldn’t be complete without an attack dog to do the business for you. Well, we went with the Cuban theme again and the national dog of Cuba is a Havanese. Now, we know what you’re thinking: ‘How cute!’ Well, first of all, you are right but aside from that, these animals still have the same instincts as any other hound. So, we would assume that with the right training and a variety of other gimmicks, the developers will find a way to make this puppy tear up your enemies!

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So that is our speculative list of Fangs for Hire in the upcoming title, Far Cry 6. What do you make of our list? Do you think that the Cuban setting will play a vital role in the Fangs for Hire line up? Do you think we will see some of the animals on this list feature. Or do you think that the developers will go with any others? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.