One of the most important considerations when building a solid team in Fire Emblem Heroes is versatility. You want a team that not only dominates in the PvP meta, but also helps you get through the content to rack up the rewards quick. One of the best ways to achieve this is through Area Damage.

Fire Emblem Heroes
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In this guide, we’ll look at how to build the Fire Emblem Heroes best team for Area Damage. We’ll be looking at both units and their best possible builds for top performance.

Slot 1

This will be the main hero around which the build revolves.

Red Unit: Mia

With the right build, Mia can become one of the biggest Area Damage powerhouses in the game. In order to achieve that, we need to start off by making the greatest sacrifice: her legendary weapon. By replacing it with Slaying Edge+, we can take more advantage of one key ability for this build — Blazing Wind. Thanks to the ability’s extra pop of damage from Attack, even the most stalwart of defenses will crumble quickly!

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To round off this Mia build, we’re going to give her Flashing Blade, Desperation and Savage Blow. All these skills combined will enable Mia to initiate attacks and swiftly deal with pesky enemy units, especially mages.

Slot 2

The two options depend greatly on your playstyle. If you want added power to Mia’s Area Damage, then you can go for Delthea. For more speed, swap out for Brave Lucina.

Blue Unit: Delthea

One of the top recommended teammates for an Area Damage build based on Mia is Delthea. Her Dark Aura, combined with Drive Attack, adds more to the attack multiplier that affects Mia’s damage output. You’ll want to have Delthea and Mia walking around together as much as possible.

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In order to give Delthea a bit more survivability, you’ll want to tack on Life and Death. To round off her damage capabilities, Moonbow and B Tomebreaker will do nicely. If you’re looking for a bit more consistency, you can swap out Tomebreaker for Desperation. Specifically for harder activities, like Tempest Trials, be sure to replace Moonbow with Miracle for some extra heals.

Blue Unit: Brave Lucina

One of the key shortcomings of running Mia in this build is the distinct lack of speed. To make up for that, you’ll want to add Brave Lucina to your team. She’s not the tankiest hero out there and can find herself in a tight spot if she’s overwhelmed, but she can hold her own for a fair bit. The key skills to add to her build are Drive Speed and Life and Death. This combination will make her a very flexible hero as well as give your team the added swiftness it needs.

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Round off the build with Moonbow, Desperation and, for her weapon, Geirskogul.

Slot 3

This slot aims to complement the build by focusing on initiation and baiting.

Green Unit: Dorcas

Dorcas is the simplest unit to have on this Fire Emblem Heroes best team, because he’s there for one very simple reason: Infantry Pulse. You can pretty much keep all other abilities and gear as is and he’ll do the job nicely. Having Dorcas and another unit with Infantry Pulse will improve Mia’s initiation capabilities for her Area Damage.

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If you don’t have Dorcas, Brave Ike is another green unit with Infantry Pulse who can do the job just as well. Just be sure to give him Distant Counter and Quick Riposte for when you’re able to bait opponents.

Slot 4

For the final slot of our Area Damage team, we find ourselves quite flexible. The only limitation is adding a unit that has Infantry Pulse to synergize with Dorcas (or Brave Ike). The last two options are archers which you’ll want to add if you’re using Lucina instead of Delthea.

  • Summer Xander
  • Lukas
  • Takumi (to bolster the team’s attack further)
  • Leon (to shore up the team’s defenses)
Summer Xander
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Building a FEH team in 2020 is tricky as there are so many heroes to consider today! Sometimes it’s hard to tell where the meta falls. For this Fire Emblem Heroes best team build, we chose to place focus on Area Damage which is more flexible and adaptable to almost all situations.

Let us know if this has been effective for your adventuring needs in Fire Emblem Heroes!