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With the arrival of the arena ranked mode, a lot of people are struggling to get to the higher divisions. You can be an outstanding player, but without knowing how to use the scoring system to your advantage, advancing is nearly impossible.

Open Division

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The way you should play in the open division is simple — exactly as you would normally. There is no bus fare, so there’s no consequence for dying. Plus, the majority of players that you’ll be playing against aren’t experts, so you shouldn’t have a tough time getting kills. Unless you’re encountering smurfs or good players who purposely play at a lower rank, then you should be destroying the competition.

Contender Division 4-5

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As the bus fare is introduced, you need to make sure you at least get enough points to negate its cost. This is especially important because you can drop out in the contender leagues. I recommend landing somewhere that isn’t TOO contested, thereby trying to get one or two kills. From there, do anything you can to get the +3 points from the top 25. Turtling at the edge of the zone works very well but consumes lots of materials, so make sure you farm enough during the early game.

Contender Division 6

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In my opinion, this is where the game gets more complex. With a bus fare of two and significantly better players, getting more than the bus fare is difficult. That’s why, at least for most people, you need to change the way you play a bit. Land further from other players, play passively and accumulate materials first. Try to encounter as few opponents as possible until you get the top 25 bonus. From there, you can play slightly more aggressively. The endgames will be hectic, so try to stay protected, and don’t get pushed from multiple angles. You’ll notice that people start sweating around 280, while they grind their way to the champions league. You need to get placement points here and make it until the late game to work your way to 300! 295 points are tougher than most champions games, so you need to play carefully.

Champions League

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This is where the best of the best are (kind of)! If you are here, you probably are decent at the game. Although the skill level isn’t quite as high as it used to be, the majority are still very good players. Surprisingly, this level is similar to Division 6, but on another level. Better players, more players in the endgame, slower early game. Do as you would in Division 6, but always live until top 25 if you want to negate the bus fare.

Keep in mind, you can’t drop out of the champions, so you don’t need to play like your life depends on it. Unless you belong to Team Liquid!

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The Arena can be the most fun or frustrating time you’ll have with Fortnite. If you play your cards right, getting to (and staying in) the champions league can be a breeze. You do need to learn the basic mechanics and game sense, and then you should be there in no time!

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