Racing on a mobile device? It didn’t sound all that appealing when you aren’t revving on a steering wheel. Until Mario Kart Tour came around!
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Racing on Mobile? No Problemo!

Fortunately, Mario Kart Tour has one of the best controls for a mobile game. The Mario Kart Tour app for mobile has some rather intuitive controls to help even the newest player into the Mario Kart series learn to love the game!
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Manually Drift Like a Pro
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Seasoned Mario Kart players would probably enjoy the manual drift setting. Manual drift is for players who wish to have a more challenging experience in exchange for a better score once the race is complete. If you keep smart steering on when using manual drift, the player will have smoother controls when going for bonus action points through combos. Those wanting to know how to drift will most likely find it better to have smart steering on.

Advanced Tips To Guide Your Path
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Another steering setting in this game allows the player to steer using their mobile device as a makeshift wheel. One of the advanced tips the game explains is gyro handling is only good with devices that have a sensor. Those devices have the ability to steer the cart simply by tilting the device either left or right. You are able to have smart steering on with gyro handling as well..
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Smart steering is basically assisted steering for those who have trouble steering with their device. Many claim that having smart steering on with gyro steering makes the gameplay more immersive as it will feel like the player is actually driving the kart. It’s great for getting into those shortcuts and picking up items for bonus actions and combos.

Let’s-A Drive the Best We Can!

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