There are a lot of new features and changes coming to MLB The Show 21, so we wanted to take this article to lay out all of those changes into one place. From Road to the Show (career mode) to Stadium Creator, there are a lot of changes that we need to catch up on. None of the changes appear to be bad and they do not take away anything that we enjoyed. The biggest change by far is that MLB The Show 21 is now available on Xbox consoles. Previously the MLB The Show franchise had been exclusive to Playstation consoles since the game first originated. We will take you through each of the vast MLB The Show 21 changes in great detail, so sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

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Road to Show

Let’s begin with the Road to Show! Last year, the idea of imbuing the characters with relationships and personalities was introduced with great gusto! Options for them were quite limited, however. There were only four types of relationships and four types of personalities. Considering how big our world is, it’s actually impossible to nail down everyone’s personalities to just four types. Plus, the relationships that developed were not something the player could had a choice on, but were simply affected by the number of games you’ve played on a particular team — the more games you play, the stronger relationship you have with your teammates.

These features are expected to be expanded upon going into MLB The Show 21, but the biggest change will certainly be the fact that you can now take your player out of the Road to the Show mode. Now this leaves us with many unanswered questions, but here is what we think will be safe to expect:

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There should be an overall limit to the number of times you can use your player in, regardless of mode, e.g. diamond dynasty or franchise mode. Even with creating a player as a current feature in the game, there was an overall limit of 89, which is not very high compared to the other cards in diamond dynasty. Either way this will be a very exciting option in the upcoming game, so much such that we went into details on it!

Stadium Creator

Now a completely new change that has a lot of people talking is the Stadium Creator function. This is a brand new option that is exactly what the name entails — you get to build your own stadium from scratch! Just recently, MLB The Show developers announced that you will be able to use these stadiums online in diamond dynasty which has some players excited (and others worried)!

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It would certainly be cool to play against others online in a stadium like Field of Dreams, but the issue could be a lot of people recreating Polo Grounds. If you do not already know, Polo Grounds is one of the most unique baseball fields in the history of the sport, but it is also one of the most annoying stadiums you could possibly play at. The distance to the left field wall is 278 feet, center field sits at 449 feet, and the left field wall sits at 258 feet. The stadium is diamond shaped, but the walls are also twice the height of a standard MLB fence.

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We are sure that MLB The Show 21 developers are aware of this potential problem and will put limitations in the mode to prevent outrageous designs. It would not be fun to play on a stadium with walls at 600 feet, nor would it be fun to play on the equivalent of a little league stadium. The developers just need to keep everyone’s creativity within reason while also keeping fans happy at the same time. Such a fine line to walk on! You might wanna read the fine print too as we flesh out the details on this feature!

XBox Releases

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Now the moment that Xbox players have been waiting for – literally over a decade! The MLB The Show franchise is finally available on their console! This will reasonably double the database of MLB the Show players, especially since the alternative is RBI baseball (no offense to those guys!) This is huge for the MLB the Show community and will help close the divide between Xbox and Playstation gamers.


To further close that divide, MLB the Show will also be introducing cross-play into the game, which is literally unheard of for sports video games. To our knowledge, this is the first cross-platform sports video game that has been developed. Previous franchises such as Call of Duty and Fortnite have introduced cross-play into their systems but those are shooter games, which are far different from us sporting fans. What would be cause for concern will be the connectivity issues, which really are dependent on the network strength, but, nonetheless cross-platform play is going to be a great feature to have in this game!

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To clarify, cross-platform applies not only Xbox to Playstation, but also generation to generation. This means that someone playing on an Xbox One or Xbox S is able to play against someone on a Playstation 4 or 5. People with a Playstation 4 can also play against someone on a Playstation 5 and the equivalent applies for people with Xboxes. This really opens the door for the video game community, so no matter what console your or your friends have, you won’t be restricted on whom you can play with!

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Great Changes are Upon Us

The major MLB The Show 21 changes include playing cross-platform, opening the game to Xbox players, Stadium Creator, and bringing your created player out of the Road to the Show mode. Opening the game up to the Xbox community will bring great joy to baseball fans all around the world, and let’s people play against others that they may otherwise have not been denied at first.

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Stadium Creator is going to be an excellent change and is expected to bring some added creativity to the game, as long as the developers can keep it within reasonable guidelines. Bringing your player out of Road to the Show will most likely come at a lower overall, but that will still be an interesting option.

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We hope you enjoy all of the MLB The Show 21 changes, cause we certainly will!