Gamepleton has come to understand that there’s a huge number of us out there who burn passionately for pixel art!

We know you want to appreciate more pixel art, or even share your own pixel creations! Do it! In collaboration with the makers of Notice Me, Leena-senpai, Tosh and Yana, we’ve create some awesome channels to express your pixelated love!

Anime Pixel Art Discord

The mega channel that holds everything that’s pixelated anime works! It caters to pixel art focused on anime!

Anime Pixel Art TikTok

Animate your beloved pixel art, then share it on one of the biggest video platforms in the world!

Discord Contests

Oh, we’re ain’t done yet!! ToshxYanaxGamepleton’s Discord channel is getting heated up!! We’re holding not one but two contests to celebrate the launch of our Anime Pixel Art Discord!

Want to know more about what wondrous pixel art games are there, and which are the ones you just have to play? We’ve got the reviews here on Gamepleton!

And many more to come! So stay tuned here on Gamepleton, Discord and Tiktok!