Before reviewing this game, we truly didn’t know what to expect of this needy game!

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Perhaps one of the most unique visual novel adventure games, Needy Streamer Overload was created by Japanese developer Xemono, and released just after the new year of Januarary 21st, 2022 on platforms, Nintendo Switch, Windows, and Steam. This game has gotten popular fast as many content creators are playing the game more often. It also has a 10/10 rating on Steam!

When starting the game, we are introduced to the main character Ame-Chan, who is also supposed to be our in-game girlfriend and has the goal of becoming one of the most popular live streamers. Her goal is to reach 1 million subscribers in 30 days, so we (the players) must make the correct decisions for her until she gets to that goal.

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When actually starting the game, it looked like the gameplay was pretty straightforward but later learning that we must focus on balancing out the stress, affection, and mental darkness in Ame-Chan. We control and take care of Ame’s activities daily and the decisions we make will affect the amount of stress, affection, and mental darkness she has throughout the gameplay.

The more progress we make, the more difficult it starts to get. We have to be smart when planning out the daily to-do’s in order to become the most popular streamer. Plan out a time to stream but also make sure we don’t overwork her!

It was fun to make these decisions because you would have to suffer the consequences if we make poor ones, which was the best part about this game; the mystery of what our decisions will result in!

The whole internet atmosphere was very well-represented by the game developers with options such as online interactions, direct messages and streaming times. We feel it’s pretty realistic and accurate to how popular streamers act today. We get to choose activities such as binging online content and bonding together outside, where each of these activities will cause a severe drop or increase of Ame-Chan’s mental health as a whole.

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When it comes to the actual storyline, the game could’ve done a better job. We truly wish that there was just a little bit more to the story so we can find out Ame-Chan’s true intentions and her backstory. However, that could be asking for too much. The gameplay went by smooth and was extremely enjoyable. The soundtrack for this game was super relaxing, you probably won’t even notice yourself humming to the really catchy background music!

Needy Streamer Overload is a realistic portray of modern society today and the game is unique as it gives you a variety of endings depending on the decisions you make. This game pretty much targets games and non-gamers alike. The realistic portray of the current mental health today and of the potentially toxic internet culture will give us the best emotionally-induced experience possible!

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Needy Streamer Overload is a game for everyone and while there still is some more room for improvement when it comes to certain aspects, this game is truly fun and entertaining; a great way to use your time if you are binging for the next awesome denpa-themed adventure! This game is an amazing recommendation for players who are looking to control their own story!

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