With a larger majority of people working from home since the pandemic, our place of sanctuary, the ever-so-comfortable sofa-in-front-telly, is not necessarily the most comfortable place for us to game on anymore. Not unless we’re gaming on our computers secreted away in a corner of our bedrooms.

Via: Inc. Magazine

But what if we’re mobile gamers, on the iPhones, Androids, Nintendo Switches, Steam Deck, and whatever new handheld goodness we get today and tomorrow? Surely we can lock ourselves in the toilet to get an hour of peace and… something else…

But why resort to that when we can retreat to a comfortable, well, retreat?

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Imagine gaming there!

Imagine if we can just rent one of these spa sofas or chairs for an hour or two while pulling up Genshin Impact or PUBG, with no one bothering you with housework, homework, or the neighbors’ kids bawling through your dungeon run. How comfortable gaming life is!

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Gamepleton is attempting to make rental of spa places for gaming a reality!

But first, we need your help to do some surveys for us, so that we can have awesome data for our spa-game-retreat presentation. Help us fill out this survey and share it with your family and friends!

The Meditation Survey

PS: Yup, it’s about whether you meditate, but for us gamers, gaming is meditating!