Have you ever heard of the practice of cow tipping? Cow tipping is an activity many children or some drunken adults tell their friends to pretend like they’ve achieved the impossible: tipping a cow. While it has been proven to be an urban legend, one game, developed by VIS-Games and published by SilentFuture, has made something physically impossible, possible.

The Cows Are Watching
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15 Levels of Cowabunga!

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If you’re looking for an AAA title with almost a decade of preparation, blood, sweat and tears of puffy-eyed programmers, then you’re looking in the wrong place. Each level of cow tipping only has one objective: tip over cows. Yes, you’re going against the laws of physics to play a slimmed-down Goat Simulator but with cows on a farm at night. Forget the fact that cows can’t be tipped unless you run a ten-ton truck into them (by then, they may as well be steaks) because this is a video game.

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It’s a Horror Game Without Being a Horror Game

Remember when we were all absolutely terrified of Slender Man? Remember when Slender Man hit our PCs through an indie developer who was determined to give us dangerous arrhythmias through jump scares? Well, the Cows Are Watching gives us the same creepy atmosphere without being scary at all!

Credit: https://www.wildtangent.com/games/the-cows-are-watching-
Via: Wild Tangent

We might all have PTSD from Slender Man but the only enemies you’ll encounter in this game are a dog and a pig who have nothing better to do than keep you from tipping over cows. Despite the game not being scary at all, the music still gives the atmosphere of a horror game for this comedic little title.

Final Thoughts

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Are you tired of first-person shooters that have the same repetitive formula every year? Well, this cow pushing simulator puts you in the shoes of a person who apparently has the strength of a thousand men in the middle of a dark and silent night. You might think there’s not a challenge but think again, because if you don’t outrun the dog, then your dreams of being the only one to not lie about tipping a cow will never come to fruition. You’re not going to find any more high-definition cow graphics on Steam other than The Cows Are Watching, so why not make your achievement come true?