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It isn’t every day that two giants of the industry come together for a collaboration, but that’s exactly what Capcom and Square Enix decided to do on August 7th 2018 when the legendary beast, Rathalos from Monster Hunter, made its appearance in Final Fantasy 14’s Eorzea. The Monster Hunter World x Final Fantasy 14 crossover event arrived during the latter’s patch 4.36 update.

Depending on the difficulty of which adventurers in Final Fantasy 14 choose to tackle the Rathalos trial, they would need to join a party of four or eight players. The more difficult “extreme” version of the Rathalos trial in Final Fantasy 14 requires the coordination of four players who don’t need to follow the holy trinity of MMORPGs, which is, fulfilling the roles of a healer, a damage dealer, and a tank class.

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Unlike Monster Hunter: World, adventurers in the world of Eorzea were not chasing a dragon across vast wastelands. Rathalos himself is confined to a circular arena familiar to MMORPG boss-style fights. Defeating Rathalos gives Final Fantasy 14’s adventurer’s fun Monster Hunter-inspired items such as the iconic BBQ spit, armor, and the ability to ride Rathalos as a mount.

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The Monster Hunter World x Final Fantasy 14 crossover event didn’t leave Monster Hunter: World high and dry. The Behemoth from the Final Fantasy series made its way into the new world to give hunters a hunt, unlike any hunt they’ve encountered before. For those familiar with Final Fantasy’s Behemoth, you better believe it came with its familiar meteor attack that has the potential to wipe entire groups who don’t know how to handle the mechanic.


Hunters would need to make sure they have both the defensive armor to handle Behemoth’s powerful attacks while still having the damage to take him down within the allotted 35-minute time frame. Defeating Behemoth will get you the legendary Dragoon weapon and armor as well as cute Moogle armor and a Chocobo rod for your Palico.

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We’re hoping this Monster Hunter World x Final Fantasy 14 collaboration won’t be their last. There are plenty of worthy adversaries from both games that would make for challenging, albeit hilarious fights if the development teams are open to suggestions. Imagine walking among the tree lines of the ancient forest only to see the fat chocobo from Final Fantasy 7 appear out of nowhere and crush one of your fellow hunters.

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Final Fantasy 14 released the ability to swim underwater with its Stormblood expansion, so we could be seeing some kind of battlefield involving the Jyuratodus.

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Are you listening to us, Capcom? Come smash some hunters with a Fat Chocobo butt!