Clint is one of the most frequently picked Marksman in Mobile Legends. His ability to burst down the enemy is one of the best among other Marksmen, and damage is not his only forte. Clint’s skills also allow him to get out of sticky situations effectively. However, playing as Clint won’t be as carefree as simply hitting enemies with just basic attacks. You’ll need to understand how far his potential stretches in order to get the best out of him! Using him correctly will allow you to push lanes easily and gain more gold than your opponents. The end result? Control of the game and control of who wins — you!

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Combo Skills

Clint is different from other Marksmen who mainly depend on using their basic attacks. Is it because Clint’s basic attacks aren’t as powerful in comparison? The answer depends on how you use him! His damage mainly comes from the boosts he gets from his passive ability and the bonuses from executing skills. In other words, to create massive damage output, you need to use your skills and basic attacks in the right way — following up each skill with a basic attack to trigger his passive every time he hits an enemy.

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Visualize it like a combo: start with Clint’s first skill. Then, follow up with a basic attack. Use his second skill next to jump out of reach of the enemy, then follow up with a basic attack again. Finally, use his ultimate, and of course, another basic attack. If his ultimate is still usable after the follow-up basic attack, use his ultimate again and another basic attack again in order to create a constant output of damage!

Via: Youtube/Erlindang Plays


With the attack pattern Clint uses, it’s no wonder his item set would differ from typical Marksmen that focus on basic attack-boosting things. Clint’s items should depend on the boost of damage, along with certain passives. The typical set up Clint players use are “Endless Battle”, “Blade of Heptaseas”, and “Malefic Roar”. Their passives grant Clint great damage boosts and help him take down high-defense opponents, such as Tanks and Fighters. Other items can then be freely selected depending on characters in the opponent team.

Use Second Skill Wisely

To further highlight Clint’s second skill, this is what will save his hide and keep him in one piece! Not only does this skill allow him to evade his enemy’s attack, it can render the attack useless, making your opponent waste a skill. It is valuable in helping you avoid being baited or ambushed by enemies. If any opponent is missing from his lane, Clint’s second skill should be a hot button! Of course, if you’re in a team fight, go ahead and use it more liberally in order to dish out the damage needed to win!