Toilet Tycoon Review
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A Game We Never Knew We Wanted

You’re probably tired of the same old tycoon games where you’re running a zoo or running a business empire. At some point, you’re just tired of running entire boring economic empires. Fortunately, game developer, Anvil-Soft, created a tycoon game nobody thought we needed: Toilet Tycoon!

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So, You Think You Know Your Toilets

What is the story for any tycoon game? You need to work your way up from nothing to create an empire. Toilet Tycoon keeps up that same energy but this time, you’re starting off as a lowly toilet cleaner who needs to move up to running a toilet empire. You’re not just building any toilets. You’re building toilets that will bring you profits. How exactly do toilets bring profits? Well, you might not be using your toilet to its fullest potential then!

As far as the story goes, there is none other than playing a tycoon who should have a less crappy job. Pun intended.

Story Rating: 6/10

Nothing Interests Me More than Toilet Bowls

You’re not just making any toilets. You’re making the most imaginative toilets you possibly can by researching better toilet technology and collecting more components.

You think you can just create an empire without there being any kind of resistance? If history is any indication, creating empires without resistance is not how empires work. You’re going to have competition and they’re ruthless. That doesn’t mean you can’t be just as ruthless.

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You sabotage your opponents, spy on their toilets, and make their customers use your toilets instead of theirs. Because apparently, in Toilet Tycoon, a toilet people decide to use to do their business does matter. Unfortunately, some of the mechanics like your competitors being able to randomly sic a health inspector on you on top of clumsy mouse speeds kills the gameplay rating.

Gameplay Rating: 4/10

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Just Like a Toilet, You Wouldn’t Like the View

If you’re looking for ground-breaking graphics from a tycoon game that forced its way into our lives, then you’re going to be sorely disappointed. If you’re already familiar with tycoon games, then you’re already aware that the graphics normally look like some kid experimented with old website creators and forgot how mouse mechanics work. Toilet Tycoon tried too hard to look retro back when nobody knew what retro graphics looked like. Either that or they just farted out a game for its novelty alone.

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Graphics Rating: 2/10

Final Thoughts

Toilet Tycoon is good for what it is: a novelty tycoon game that breaks away from the normal business venture you’d expect to build an empire from. Unfortunately, the execution of a fun novelty idea left the game in the toilet.

Overall Rating: 4/10