Fortnite Only Needs Two To Be The Superior Game

Comparing video games to other video games has become a pastime for gamers everywhere on the internet. Can we blame them? We’re constantly comparing ourselves to others anyway, why not do the same for video games?

If anything, comparing Fortnite to its (probably) no.1 rival, PUBG, is one of the hottest things gamers do outside of gaming!

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One could argue that comparing one thing to another is just a trait we humans use as an impulse that will never truly go away. Some use it for good, some use it for evil, some use it to make others feel inferior, we’re using it to show why Fortnite is superior.

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Fortnite Has A Unique Dynamic

In the grand scheme of things, the person who is the better shot is going to win over someone who is just spraying and spraying. All things being equal, the better shot will win every time. Fortnite took that grand scheme and smashed it into dust under piles of cash by adding a unique dynamic: building.

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It’s always a thing of beauty watching players ascend to the heavens building the Eiffel tower while simultaneously dodging bullets and escaping other players.

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Though… My towers look like someone gave popsicle sticks and glue to a preschooler, resulting in something that’s neither here nor there.

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Not having the variable of breaking down the world and recreating it into your own image of what the Sistine Chapel would look like made out of wood is one of the downsides of PUBG.


Fortnite Doesn’t Have As Many Cheaters As PUBG

Note, that doesn’t say Fortnite doesn’t have any cheaters, because claiming that would be an incorrect statement. Epic does a decent job of shutting down cheaters quickly with their anti-cheat systems and normally stays on top of newer hacks. However, in PUBG, each squad comes with a one or two cheaters who have abilities such as erasing foliage to see hidden enemies.

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In 2018, Reddit user u/doc_weir posted a compilation of different cheating threads highlighting the cheating epidemic under a thread about cheating players. It seems there was no slowdown as recent threads have popped up on Reddit that still complain about the cheating.

Via: Reddit u/doc_weir

Trying to complain to Bluehole about cheating is like trying to complain to a brick wall while continuing to throw money at it, hoping something will change.


These two reasons are all Fortnite needs to stay on top, at least for now. Another game, Apex Legends, has jumped into the hot new genre that is battle royale games. While Apex, like PUBG, does not involve building, it still is staying toe-to-toe with the BR giant.


Clearly, PUBG is doing something wrong then, but what? We’ll leave that up for you to decide.