In the world of Elden Ring, the Erdtree is not just a mere obstacle to overcome or a set piece to admire, but a central element of the lore and story. Its corruption by the forces of the Nightland has caused the balance of the world to shift towards darkness and chaos, and its burning by the Tarnished, the protagonist of the game, marks a turning point in the narrative and the gameplay.

But what happens after the burning of the Erdtree? Is it just a matter of completing a mission and moving on to the next one, or does it have deeper implications and consequences? Let’s explore some of the possible scenarios and outcomes that may follow the burning of the Erdtree in Elden Ring and what to expect when pushing further in this cruel world.

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One of the most immediate consequences of burning the Erdtree is the elimination of the dark energy that flows from it and that empowers the enemies and bosses of the game. This means some of the areas and enemies that were previously difficult or impossible to defeat may become more manageable or even trivial! For example, the creatures that inhabit the ruins of the Skylands, which were corrupted by the Erdtree’s influence, may lose their powers and become more vulnerable to the Tarnished’s attacks.

On the other hand, some of the enemies and bosses that were aligned with the Nightland and the Erdtree may become more hostile or aggressive towards the Tarnished. They may see the burning of the Erdtree as a threat to their existence or a betrayal of their allegiance, and may seek revenge or retaliation. This means that the player may have to face new or tougher challenges, even in areas that were previously cleared.

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Additionally, burning the Erdtree changes the environment and the atmosphere of the game. Areas that were previously shrouded in darkness or corruption may become brighter and cleaner as the influence of the Erdtree fades away. The music and sound effects may also shift towards a more hopeful or triumphant tone, reflecting the Tarnished’s victory over the forces of the Nightland.

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However, this change may not be universally welcomed or appreciated by the inhabitants of the world. Some of them may have relied on the dark energy of the Erdtree for their own purposes or survival, and may suffer from its absence. Others may have different views or values that conflict with the Tarnished, and may see the burning of the Erdtree as an act of aggression or arrogance. This means that the player may have to face moral or ethical dilemmas, and may have to deal with the consequences of their actions in unexpected ways.

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Finally, this fuel-induced heinous act may have long-term effects on the story and the world of Elden Ring. It may affect the alignment and goals of the demigods and factions that seek the fragments of the Elden Ring, and may open new paths or possibilities for the Tarnished. It may also reveal new secrets or mysteries that were hidden or obscured by the influence of the Erdtree, and may lead to unexpected encounters or revelations.

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The burning of the Erdtree is not just a climatic moment in Elden Ring, but a complex and dynamic event that has multiple implications and consequences. It may change the gameplay, the environment, the atmosphere, and the story in various ways, and may challenge the player to navigate through a world that is constantly evolving and reacting to their choices. Whether burning the Erdtree is a triumph or a tragedy, a sacrifice or a liberation, depends on the perspective and the context of the player.