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Arknights, the popular tower defense and strategy game, has captivated players with its engaging gameplay, stunning visuals, and diverse cast of operators. A crucial aspect of Arknights is farming, as it allows players to gather resources, materials, and experience points to progress and strengthen their operators. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of farming in Arknights and highlight some of the best farming stages to maximize efficiency and optimize your gameplay.

  1. “CE-5” (Challenge Mode): CE-5 is a challenge mode stage in Arknights that offers a great opportunity for farming valuable materials like Loxic Kohl and Orirock Concentration. This stage has a high drop rate for these materials, making it an ideal choice for players looking to upgrade their operators or craft items. Additionally, CE-5 provides a decent amount of experience points, making it a well-rounded farming stage.
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  1. “4-4” (Main Story Stage): 4-4 is a main story stage that is known for its excellent farming potential for skill upgrade materials, particularly the T3 Skill Books. These books are essential for enhancing operator skills, and 4-4 offers a reliable drop rate for them. Additionally, this stage provides a decent amount of LMD (Lungmen Dollars) and EXP, making it a worthwhile farming spot.
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  1. “PR-A-1” (Permanent Event Stage): PR-A-1 is a permanent event stage that periodically appears in Arknights. This stage is highly regarded for its abundant drop rate of skill summary cards, which are used to upgrade operator skills. Skill summary cards are crucial resources, and farming PR-A-1 can provide a steady supply to enhance your operator’s abilities. Additionally, this stage offers decent LMD rewards, making it a popular choice for efficient farming.
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  1. “LS-5” (Main Story Stage): LS-5 is a main story stage that is widely recognized for its efficient farming potential for LMD and EXP. This stage provides a good balance of LMD drops and experience points, making it a go-to option for players who need to accumulate currency or level up their operators. LS-5 is relatively quick to complete, making it ideal for farming runs.
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  1. “CE-4” (Challenge Mode): CE-4 is another challenge mode stage that stands out for farming. This stage offers a high drop rate for Grindstone, a valuable material used in operator upgrades and crafting. By consistently farming CE-4, players can amass a substantial amount of Grindstone to strengthen their operators. Additionally, CE-4 provides decent LMD rewards, making it a desirable farming stage.
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The stages mentioned above – CE-5, 4-4, PR-A-1, LS-5, and CE-4 – offer excellent opportunities for efficient farming of materials, experience points, and currency. By strategically planning your farming runs and prioritizing these stages, you can optimize your gameplay experience and ensure steady progress in Arknights. So, assemble your team, deploy your operators, and venture forth into these top farming stages to secure the resources needed for victory!