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On September 10, 2015, a bright gem by the name of Super Mario Maker was released, which breathed a breath of fresh air into the Mario gaming community! Players were given access to a hitherto inaccessible vast array of tools to create levels – Super Mario game levels! And the limit? Your creativity! This opened an endless possibility of playability, coupled with the ability to share that creativity online, via the Wii U!

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However this Passion would soon burnout with the lifespan of the console Super Mario Maker was on being the WiiU stopping production not last long after it’s release, with the production of Wii Us stopping around 2016; less than two years after it’s debut.

However, this passion couldn’t be sustained due to the brief, flickering lifespan of the console the game was released on. The Wii U ceased production within 2 years of its debut, and with it, the hopes of dreams of every Wii U gamer. It would take another 2 years before the world saw further developments on a game that lets players customize it.

Would the Super Mario Maker community have nothing further to look forward to? Was a silver lining of hope to be found anywhere?

Enter: Super Mario Construct!

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Created by LuigiBonus, Super Mario Construct aims to let fans of the Maker game continue to design, modify and enjoy their own variations of Super Mario Bros. With a heart full of nothing but the Mario franchise, LuigiBonus has been known to create various Super Mario game hacks, and even developed New Super Mario Flash 2 in 2014!

How is Super Mario Construct different from Super Mario Maker? Other than LuigiBonus making his creation free for all to use, there’s really not much difference! You can even play it on your web browser — no hyper expensive AAA console required!

Want to get your hands on it? Check it out below!

It’s amazing how see how passion, love and dedication can gear gamers to produce things unexpected, all for the sake of reviving a beloved title for all other games to experience the pure joy and nostalgia of the Super Mario Bros games!