Gaming never grows old! And for those of us who have matured into adulthood and are nurturing next generation of gamers, we most definitely had a wonderful childhood, growing up with some of the best games when we were perhaps wee toddlers.

Compared to today’s huge array of AAA console titles, graphically-stunning mobile games, or even the just casual online games, the retro games of yesteryears definitely can’t compare to their graphics, music, or perhaps storyline. Yet, they forever and ever remain the strongest of our old loves.

Here’s our retro games tier list to rank which ones have the strongest impact on us!

Tier C

Games in this tier are those we fondly remember, but probably won’t pick up a second time once we’ve completed the story (or what little there is of it) or when a new game comes along. Yet, these hold strong memories of some hardcore difficult, digging in the soil while pumping out underground monsters, or simply for just 5 minutes of enjoyment when competing against a friend.

Dig Dug

Via: Youtube/Nenriki Gaming Channel

Virtua Fighter

Via: Youtube/Retro Muel


Via: Youtube/Freidan


Via: Youtube/naswinger

Puzzle Bobble

Via: Youtube/AL82 Retrogaming Longplays

Double Dragon

Via: Youtube/arcadegamesfreak

Tier B

To want to keep playing a game over and over again is when you know your heart has been captured! Games in Tier B will have that element of attraction that makes us want to revisit them, maybe just to see if we can do better this time around. Yet, after 30 years, we know we still won’t get it! Maybe! Who cares, we simply love them!

Ridge Racer

Via: Youtube/NintendoComplete


Via: Youtube/MysticGamer

Winning Eleven

Via: Youtube/Cogumelo Venenoso


Via: Youtube/Klaus Scholz


Via: Youtube/GameLog

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Via: Youtube/EightBitHD


Via: Youtube/NintendoComplete


Via: Youtube/World of Longplays


Via: Youtube/World of Longplays

Tier A

Oh, goodness! How can anyone not be entranced by these games back when we visited arcades or when new consoles like the PlayStation and Sega Saturn were released? We were probably searching shops’ game catalogues to see if any of these titles had sequels that made it onto these new systems — though the N64 is considered an ancient device by now! But when you think of a racing game, Daytona is almost always on every racing gamers’ minds! Besides, Pac-Man and Donkey Kong having movies is testament to their greatness!

Ragnarok Online

Via: Youtube/Munbalance Stream Dump

Prince of Persia

Via: Youtube/OtakuChest

Donkey Kong

Via: Youtube/Game Archive – No Commentary Gameplay


Via: Youtube/Old Classic Retro Gaming


Via: Youtube/World of Longplays

Time Crisis

Via: Youtube/World of Longplays

Tier S

Chrono Trigger

Via: Youtube/World of Longplays

Super Mario Bros.

Via: Youtube/Pii89

Mortal Kombat

Via: Youtube/World of Longplays

Sonic the Hedgehog

Via: Youtube/FCPlaythroughs

Dragon Quest

Via: Youtube/World of Longplays

Street Fighter

Via: Youtube/World of Longplays

Mega Man

Via: Youtube/mocktoid


Via: Youtube/irrelevant games from irrelevant past


Via: Youtube/Weiss Network TV


Via: Youtube/NintendoComplete

Final Fantasy

Via: Youtube/FCPlaythroughs


Via: Youtube/AbidingGamer

Name us one gamer who doesn’t know these titles! Okay, that was taking things a bit far, considering how we haven’t included a lot of sports, horror and other casual genres. Yet, any gamer who’s held a controller before he even learned how to hold a pencil would know these titles by heart! The Final Fantasy series have given us gripping stories for so many years, Super Mario Bros. is just a challenge you cannot put down, while Street Fighter makes us pick up the controller again and again. For those of us who’ve played these games at least once have known paradise!