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In the world of Elden Ring, the forces of lightning are not just a natural phenomenon, but a source of power and magic that can be harnessed and manipulated by the Tarnished and other characters. One of the most intriguing and mysterious items related to lightning in Elden Ring is the Lightning Grease, a rare and potent substance that can enhance weapons and abilities with lightning damage.

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But what is Lightning Grease, and how can it be used in the game? In this article, we will explore the lore and gameplay aspects of the Lightning Grease in Elden Ring, and show how it can be a game-changer for the players who know how to use it.

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First, let’s look at the lore! According to some sources in the game, Lightning Grease is a secret recipe that was passed down by the ancient demigods who controlled the powers of lightning and thunder. It is said to be made from the essence of lightning bolts and the ashes of burnt Thunderbugs, two creatures that are associated with lightning and are found in some areas of the game. The recipe for Lightning Grease is said to be guarded by a secret society of lightning worshippers, who value it as a symbol of their devotion and power.

In the game itself, Lightning Grease is a consumable item that can be applied to weapons or spells to increase their lightning damage and stagger potential. When a weapon is coated with Lightning Grease, it gains a temporary buff that enhances its lightning-based attacks and inflicts shock damage on enemies, which can interrupt their actions and leave them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. The effect of Lightning Grease lasts for a limited time, depending on the quality and quantity of the Grease used, and can be replenished by finding or buying more Grease.

To make them, you’ll first need Fulgurblooms, obtainable near Agheel Lake North. Look for where the lightning strikes, and you’ll find these bloomers on the ground.

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The next item is a Root Resin, which can be found near the Warmaster’s Shack. Near the gracesite will be a tree with exactly 3 pieces of the Root Resin needed to combine with the Fulgurbloom.

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But this is not the only way to obtain the enhancer or its ingredients. There’s plenty of other ways, such as looting from Dominula, the Windmill Village.

One of the most interesting aspects of Lightning Grease is its interaction with other lightning-based elements in the game, such as lightning spells, weapons, or enemies. When a weapon coated with Lightning Grease hits an enemy that is vulnerable to lightning damage, the effect can be devastating, as it can stun or knock down the enemy and allow the player to deal massive damage with follow-up attacks. Similarly, when the player uses lightning spells or weapons while coated with Lightning Grease, the damage and stagger potential can be multiplied, leading to quick and spectacular victories!

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However, this beautiful enhancement item is not without its limitations and risks! The rareness and the cost of Lightning Grease make it a precious commodity that must be used sparingly and strategically, especially in tougher areas or boss fights where lightning damage may not be as effective. Moreover, the application of Lightning Grease takes time and exposes the player to attacks, making them vulnerable to counterattacks or ambushes by enemies. Finally, the not-really-miraculous item may have unforeseen consequences or side effects, such as attracting lightning-based enemies or triggering environmental hazards that are linked to lightning.

In a shocking conclusion, the Lightning Grease is one of the most fascinating and useful items in Elden Ring, providing the players with a powerful and versatile tool to deal with lightning-based challenges and enemies. Its lore and origins add to the mystique and allure of the world of Elden Ring, while its gameplay mechanics offer a fresh and exciting twist to the combat and exploration of the game. Whether you are a lightning devotee or a cautious adventurer, Lightning Grease is a one item in Elden Ring that can make all the difference in a battle!