The greatest challenge you’ll likely meet, if you’ve just started Crash On The Run!, and especially if you’re new to the Crash Bandicoot franchise, is the Temple Ruins Gem Run:

The challenge to defeat all of Cortex’s spiders!

The great difficulty you’re facing would be trying to defeat the 55 required temple spiders, but often ending up with 53 only. Even when you’ve found the way to defeat all the red spiders using the TNT boxes, you’re still short of the goal! If you’re wondering whether you’re supposed to defeat the pairs of spiders at the start and end of the stage…. You are correct!

How!? Even if you spin first and swipe right immediately, you’d miss the second spider by your second swipe. Moving from the left lane to the center and then to the right takes too long, especially since the running speed of this challenge is faster than normal stages.

The key is to use the belly flop!
(Or in the case of Coco, her fanny drop [not its official name, we just named it based on Coco’s animation!])

It’s simple: Whenever Crash or Coco is in the air, regardless whether you jumped or fall off a ledge, just swipe down.

In the case of this specific run, at the beginning, you’ll need to maintain your position in the middle lane, swipe up to get Crash/Coco in the air, then swipe down to do the belly flop/fanny drop. The last pair of spiders you’ll encounter at the end of the run will require you to jump over some fallen debris first, so from that jump, swipe down to belly flop on them.

A little reminder: this challenge moves at a faster-than-usual pace, so you’ll need to time your belly flop a little earlier, maybe at one spider-length away, otherwise, you’ll miss the spiders, or hit only one. This is even harder at the end of the run, when the fallen debris hinders your judgment of distance.

This belly flop technique was used in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, with the implementation of locked crates. Such crates cannot be destroyed by simply jumping on them or spinning into them. It requires Crash to be in the air first, then press then “duck” button to do a body slam.

This technique is known to have AOE effect, so, players who are familiar with it in the old Crash Bandicoot games will more likely be aware of using it in the Temple run challenge. You can even use it to safely defeat enemies without running in the same lane they’re in! It’s not a cheat or unfair information, it’s just that King (the developer of Crash On The Run!) might have forgotten to include a tutorial about it when the game first launch. Thankfully, new players will go through it now!

Just to clarify as well that the red spiders you see conveniently hanging next to TNT boxes should not be spun or slid into. They’re there beside TNT boxes for you to blow up.

Here’s the full run we did, showing the belly flop in Crash On The Run! and the timing you might want to follow, and how to trigger TNT boxes correctly to ensure all red spiders are defeated too: