Notice Me, Leena-Senpai officially launches on Steam after completing several months of alpha and beta tests! Get your copy on Steam now!

Fulfilling their promise on Kickstarter, indie developers Yana and Tosh have finally completed the game with plenty of add-ons, providing players with the full high school girls-battling-monsters experience. And all these were made possible by their legion of backers!

Play the role of Leena, the class rep, and deploy her classmates on the field using well-thought out strategy, ensuring no monster can steal another donut— *ahem* —We mean, no harm comes to the school, or anyone else in the world! Just like education, students and warriors are brought out of classroom and into the world of hotdog stands and fantastic realms. Never feel boredom or dread going to school again!

Players can make a one-time purchase for the full game on Steam, with optional DLCs being planned in the future. Notice Me, Leena-Senpai will always be adding new curriculum, classrooms, towers, monsters, maps, and a whole slew of new content, steadily releasing month after month. Do you hear the bell? It’s time for battle!

Purchase your copy now! Senpai is waiting!