Among Us, despite being about 5 years old, still has managed to continue to thrive on account of its community both playing the base game, and also creating various mods that significantly alter the existing playstyle of the game itself.

Many games today do not share the same degree of creativity Among Us allowed, where anyone is able to mod and create your own spin on the game. Among Us is both free and can be played cross-platform, giving it access to a vast array of players and subsequently also transforming the game into a dynamic community that can sustain it.

There are countless mods that had been made for Among Us but what makes it different from the base game are two things:

  • You can’t play mods on public servers.
    This means that all participants must have the same mod, and you need to play it on a private server.
  • Mods are only available via third party websites, like CurseForge.
    InnerSloth themselves do not provide any mods, nor support them too.

There are many popular Mods like:

Town of Imposters

This takes Among Us and Town of Salem and merges them into one innovative game mode where the roles are taken from the Town of Salem with Doctors, Jesters, etc.

Via: Youtube/Dice Flip

Extra Roles

Adds 4 new roles to Among Us: Medic, Officer, Engineer, and Joker, where each have extra roles to player. In particular is the Officer who…

Via: Youtube/Project Incursus Gaming

Skinny Mod

And perhaps one of the most entertaining mods is a race to lose weight! We’ve got the skinny on this Skinny Mode, as presented by Ssundee!

Via: Youtube/SSundee