Survival Mode! Full Controller Support! Item Shop! Bonus System! So much more!

Welcome to Leena’s first major update in Early Access!

Welcome to Leena’s first major game update in Early Access! This update is massive! To celebrate, we’ll be doing a sale for a week starting today! Now grab a seat and get ready to read up on everything that’s new!

Full Controller Support

First off, we now have full controller support. Plug in your favorite controller and start playing!

The entire game has been completely re-written to not only support controllers, but also features keyboard support as well as the legacy mouse-only form of gameplay. What’s more is you can swap on the fly by pressing (or clicking) a button on the device of your choice.

Real-Time Build Mode (Active Grid Mode)

As seen in the previous picture, you can now build during waves! This was a highly requested feature, and since I had to do a lot of re-writing to get controller support in, I went ahead and just re-wrote everything and added the real-time build mode!

Active grid is now on by default. You can disable it in settings to return to how the game was before and play in idler mode! Play how you want!

Survival Mode (Alpha Version)

We now have a fully-functional survival mode! Currently, survival mode features 200 waves, but the overall goal is to have over 10,000 waves. As the game gets closer to completion and more monsters are added, they will also be added to survival mode and the number of waves will increase. Play survival mode in active-grid mode for some crazy fun!

Character specials can be used in survival mode, but ONLY if they have been unlocked in campaign mode. Survival mode will be available and unlocked by default at the very start of the game!

The Bonus System

On certain maps, you will now have a bonus menu! On bonus enabled maps, for every certain number of waves you successfully survive, you will receive the listed bonus(es). What’s more is that should you fail the level on a bonus-enabled map, you get to keep all your drops!

For now, you’ll only be able to see the next four bonuses on the list. After completing them, you will see the next set of four and so on. I may add a way to purchase more bonus menu visibility in the near future, which brings us to our shops!

The Item Shop

Originally available only in the demo version of Leena, the Item Shop makes its debut in Early Access!

Most items last for a set amount of waves when used and modify certain things in the game, such as increased drops or gold, and can be used during gameplay from the in-game item menu. Items also stack! This means their timers will accumulate, so use as many as you can afford! Items are only usable on certain maps where items are enabled. Items are not enabled in campaign maps.

Items can be obtained by buying them from the item shop AND you may find them randomly in the bonus menu!

The Tower Shop

The new tower shop introduces the use for trading cards. Like gems, trading cards drop from monsters. These are a bit more rare, and are only dropped from monsters in world seven and beyond. They can also be obtained from the bonus menu.

In campaign maps, you unlock towers to use as the story progresses. However, each map has specific towers that can be used on them. Maps like survival mode are an exception. For survival mode, you start off with the 6 legacy towers (Leena, Caster, Striker, Warrior, Cleric and Archer). No other tower is available at the start. In order to obtain more towers to use in survival and other special modes, you must purchase them with gems or trading cards.

Play the campaign, or try survival mode to gain gems and cards and buy the towers you need to build your best defense and try to survive all 200 waves!

Other notable changes:
– Character special bars have been remade and are now circular with percentage displays.


I’m still hard at work on World 8 – The Laboratory. Now that this major update is out, I’ll focus on finishing the campaign and fixing any bugs that are reported ASAP.


Following this announcement, Leena will be going on sale! Now is the best time to jump in and play!

That’s it for this update! I hope you enjoy it, and please let me know in the steam community if you encounter any bugs. Thank you!