You know that Leena-senpai is getting popular when she and her magical school is promoted on Steam’s Next Fest 2023!

Next Fest October 2023 is Steam’s way of promoting up and coming games, particularly from indie developers (like Yanako RPGs and Gamepleton) so if you’d like even more games to be created, let’s support these brave developers for taking the plunge into indie gaming!

And, of course, Leena-senpai is there too! Keep a look out for “Notice Me, Leena-senpai” on Steam’s Next Fest October 2023! (she’s under the “Real Time” category, btw!)

Can’t stop us now! We’ve got loads more peeks at the game for you to enjoy! First up, a journey to the center of the earth (possibly)!

Next, get magicked into battle at Magiland!

Hey, don’t just keep watching! Get to playing and enjoying it yourself! Download the alpha demo now!!

That’s right, “Notice Me, Leena-senpai” has her alpha game released! In case you’ve only just got yourself updated on Leena-senpai’s school activities, you can download the alpha demo on Steam, so don’t be late for class/demon-thumping!