From casual single-player games to intense multiplayer games, the Nintendo Switch has a wide variation for players of all interests! For those who want to play alongside their friends, some of the best co-op RPG Switch games provide hours of fun with very little stress.

1) Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley on Steam
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Some may consider Stardew Valley an older title, despite its initial release only being half a decade ago. Stardew Valley holds up as one of the more popular casual life simulator games to date. What makes Stardew Valley one of the best co-op RPG Switch games is the fact that your friends can join you to work together on a farm.

The accessible gameplay and continual updates keep Stardew Valley relevant and fun, long after its release. On the Nintendo Switch, players can invite up to three other players to help cultivate a farm and take part in a thriving community. From cleaning a farm and fishing, to combat and marriage, there’s no shortage of fun things to do in Stardew Valley!

2) Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is one of the best co-op RPG Switch games, but there’s a catch: the co-op is only local. Unfortunately, the co-op feature in Hyrule Warriors is only a local split-screen. However, it is still cooperative play and both players will still get to choose among the wide variety of playable characters.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity beautifully mixes gameplay reminiscent of the Dynasty Warriors franchise with the roleplaying elements of the Zelda series. Players are able to upgrade their weapons and characters, craft materials, and complete objectives cooperatively with a friend via a local co-op.

3) Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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No list of best co-op RPG Switch Games is complete without the addition of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Animal Crossing has always been everyone’s favorite life roleplaying simulator. The best part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is that players can play cooperatively with their friends.

When using multiple systems, players can play with up to seven other players on one island. It is also possible to play with up to three other players on a local system. Up to four players can walk around the island, follow the host into different locations, and help terraform the island to their liking. The Animal Crossing series has never been a competitive game. The life simulation and roleplaying aspects of Animal Crossing are for those who just want casual gameplay without the stresses of kill-or-be-killed, or competing against anyone.

4) Diablo 3

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It’s always surprising to remember that Diablo 3 is on the Nintendo Switch. It’s almost impossible to think of how such an expansive roleplaying game can fit within its limitations. However, since it does exist, it warrants a spot as one of the best co-op Switch games!

PC players familiar with the series will realize Diablo 3 has as much grinding as its predecessors. Fortunately, with the Nintendo Switch, players don’t need to feel confined to their computer chairs and can instead take their roleplaying looting game on the go. Despite trying to comprehend how Diablo 3 can even be controlled on the Nintendo Switch, you’d be surprised to find out how comfortably it plays on its controller!

The best part about Diablo 3 is you can still play cooperatively with other players. A second player can pick up the other Joy-Con, which can make the controls a little complex, but manageable. The screen can be a little small, if you’re playing on handheld, for everything Diablo 3 has to offer, so playing on a TV would be the ideal setup when playing this title cooperatively.

5) Monster Hunter Rise

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The Monster Hunter series is always known for its giant monster battles coupled with a roleplaying aspect. Every Monster Hunter game has offered stunning visuals, character designs, and epic battles. The gameplay for Monster Hunter games has always revolved around taking on terrifying creatures in exchange for better gear to take on even more terrifying creatures! Monster Hunter Rise on the Nintendo Switch is no exception to this working formula!

What makes the battles in Monster Hunter Rise so thrilling is the fact that a lot of the monsters in the game are brand new to the series. The series has always been known to have some of the same giant creatures throughout each game. Thankfully, the new monsters in Rise are just as exciting as they are fierce!

However, what’s a modern Monster Hunter title without the ability to play cooperatively with other players? What makes Monster Hunter Rise one of the best co-op RPG Switch games is the fact that you can slay giant beasts and gather materials with other players all from the comfort of your couch. Monster Hunter is always more fun when playing with friends, and its cooperative gameplay on the Nintendo Switch is no exception to this rule!

6) Borderlands: Legendary Collection

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Finally, no list of best co-op RPG Switch games is complete without everyone’s hybrid first-person shooter and roleplaying game: Borderlands! The Legendary Collection contains Borderlands 1, Borderlands 2, and The Pre-Sequel. On the Nintendo Switch, the games are surprisingly stable. You wouldn’t think this cel-shaded title, that’s mostly been on console and PC, can run on the Nintendo Switch at all, but it’s proven to feel very natural!

This looter-shooter franchise coming to the Nintendo Switch means players are going to get hundreds of hours of cooperative fun as they explore a colorful world full of lootable guns! The roleplaying aspect of Borderlands comes with the upgrade system as characters level up. There’s no shortage of ways to upgrade your character in Borderlands: Legendary Collection. The cooperative gameplay is almost seamless with no interruption of gameplay as players can come in and out as they choose. Fortunately, most of the fun comes in cooperative gameplay with Borderlands as there’s a lot of coordination you just can’t find when playing alone.

Which Co-Op RPG Game Should I Get

There are plenty of cooperative titles on the Nintendo Switch, and these 6 titles are some of the best co-op RPG Switch games you’ll find today! If you love the FPS aspects in good shooter games, definitely go for the Borderlands: Legendary Collection. If you’d like an RPG that gives a solid background story, you know Monster Hunter Rise is the bomb! But if you tire of all the blood, sweat and tears, Animal Crossing: New Horizons shall give you the mental massage you’ve always needed!