Fans of Super Mario, there’s a Switch game that you must not miss — Super Mario Galaxy! This is one of the most exciting games available to the Switch library, and for good measure too! Ready to hop onto shells and dive into pipes?

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Super Mario Galaxy takes place in outer space! That’s why it’s got “Galaxy” in its name! As the protagonist of the game, you’ll lead Mario to travel through various galaxies in search of stars. To collect them, you’ll need to complete missions, defeat bosses, or discover new and/or particular areas. Each galaxy has orbiting planetoids for you to explore, so finding one planet means gaining access to a whole lot of new levels!

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also, while Super Mario Galaxy is a 3D game, but there are several scenes and areas that break up the monotony by putting everything in 2D views, as in, you just have to worry about what’s on your left and right only. This gives you a break on searching around all 360-degrees at every step of the way!

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The game is a Nintendo Switch title, but it was originally designed for the Nintendo Wii. It was basically a port from the Wii to the Switch, and unfortunately, that left a lot to be worked on. There were lots of complaints from players that the touch-screen support is not at all supportive of an enjoyable gameplay. Players not only had to use the joy-cons, but also take actions by touching the screen too. Yo! We humans have only two hands! Even Yoshi and Bowser only have two each! This made it such that the Switch port of the game greatly pulled down its ratings.

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There is a multiplayer option called Co-Star, which is what the Nintendo Switch, or rather Nintendo as a whole, strives to achieve in gaming. Each of the various characters in the game can be chosen by players, either shooting enemies, performing as a second Star Pointers to gather Star Bits, or help Mario jump higher when two players press on the jump button at the same time! Excitement for the whole family!

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For the Fans!

Super Mario Galaxy is definitely a must to play, especially if you’re fan and especially if you love playing with family and friends! Its multiplayer feature really provides experience you don’t typically find in other games. While Super Mario Galaxy is available on the Nintendo Wii, you might still want to consider getting the Switch version in order to have better control. But then again, if you have both the Wii and the Switch, why not get the game on both?

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