Kairi Imahara, a.k.a. Valkyrie, is a character that directly ties Apex Legends to the rest of the Titanfall universe. The daughter of Viper, legendary pilot of the Northstar Titan, she’s a brash and bullish Legend who dominates the skies. Most of her quotes make references to her obsession with flying as well as her dad and other standout moments in Titanfall lore.

Valkyrie Quotes from Character Select

Valkyrie Character Selection Quotes - Apex Legends - YouTube
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  • “Ever feel the freedom of soaring through the sky? Do you wanna?”
  • ”FLY. FIGHT. WIN.”
  • “I’m only headed one way, and that’s up, baby!”
  • “Some were born to run, others have a higher purpose.”
  • “Speed isn’t life. It just makes it go faster.”
  • “Target locked. Just like old times, Dad.”
  • “They say legends don’t fly, but I like to rise to the occasion.”
  • “These wings aren’t just to get around; they’re a legacy.”
  • “Who’s ready to pull some Gs?”
  • “A.K.A Kairi, Valk, and the ghost of Viper.”
  • “Whoever said the skies the limit never left the ground.”
  • “Visual clear, good tone. Just like old times, Dad.”
  • “Valkyrie extending to re-engage.”
  • “Valkyrie on station, ready for anything. Hell, everything.”
  • “Wanna fly? I make a great wingman.”
  • “Y’know, they’re always lookin’ around, but they never look up. Their loss.”
  • “Where we’re going, we don’t need seatbelts.”
  • “So what if my head’s in the clouds…how else could I see everything?”
  • ”They can have the ground,I own the sky”
  • “Runway’s green as grass and we’re ready for takeoff in ten”

Valkyrie Quotes from Intro

Valkyrie Character Select Screen Apex Legends Season 9legacy - Mobile  Legends
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  • “A lot of you are gonna wake up tomorrow with sore necks or, you know, be dead.”
  • “I always pay my respects to your families. Think that makes me soft? You’re in for a rough match.”
  • “No one gives a crap who’s better, all I care about is who’s the best.”
  • “The skies belong to me.”
  • “Valkyrie’s got you in the pipe, five by five.”
  • “At least half of you are looking down at the ground. Keep it up, I like easy wins.”
  • “Didn’t I see some of you last match? Eh, hard to tell, at this altitude you’re all ants.”
  • “Hah, don’t see wings on any of you. Guess you’re just too weak for the skies.”
  • “Enjoy the dropship ride. Because after today, you’re all gonna be afraid of flying.”
  • “Here’s the good news: from the above, I can pick most of you off in the first thirty seconds.”
  • “I like my women like I like my sake: cool, unfiltered, and on someone else’s tab.”
  • “I once shot someone for just not giving me a message. But that shouldn’t scare you… much.”
  • “I strike swift and deadly like my dad. He called it “business”, I call it a party.”
  • “I swore I’d never waste my life on a vendetta again. Don’t test that vow.”
  • “I’m starving, is anyone else starving? I’d sell an ovary for some ramen right now.”
  • ” Jump Pads, Gravity Lifts, Geysers? (laughs) Is everything you do half-assed?”
  • “Lemme introduce you to the skies, then I’ll introduce you to the ground.”
  • “Alright so my place is a little sloppy, so what? Doesn’t mean I’m a mess in the field.”
  • “Sucks aiming at a target with the sun in your eyes, good luck with that.”
  • “While you were peeling dried glue off your hands, I was flying Titans. For sure, let’s see how you handle.”
  • “You got this. Just look in front of you, behind you, above you, all at once. You’ll be fine.”

Valkyrie Kill Quotes

Apex Legends: Legacy Update - Valkyrie Abilities, Arenas Mode & More - IGN
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  • “Hey, I shot at the Commissioner too, and he got over it. So… we’re good?”
  • “What can I say? This bloodsport really changes a girl.”
  • “And no squadmates to save you? Buddy, here’s a tip: find a better wingman.”
  • “Another one bites the dust, and I leave a lot of dust. Man, my apartment is a mess.”
  • “Bet you didn’t expect to buy the farm like this. Weird, I saw it coming a mile away.”
  • “Blame it on the chemtrails, that’s what all the crazies do.”
  • “Boots on the ground, huh? Aw, you thought grounded was a good thing.”
  • “Don’t beat yourself up, it’s not like every legend has a titan for a backpack.”
  • “Even I puckered up when you got shot down (ouch).”
  • “Hey first round’s on you. Wonder what’s on draft…”
  • “Forced landing, don’t you hate those? I wouldn’t know but I heard they’re bad.”
  • “I always say “Keep them between your 3 and 9″, do they listen? Nope.”
  • “I did that with no official training, seriously. Impressive, right?”
  • “I do love a good hot mess. Unfortunately, yours is… the bad kind. Yikes.”
  • “I hear slobs are creative geniuses. Explains why you look so impeccable.”
  • “I know that look. You want revenge. Not a dragon worth chasing. Trust me.”
  • “I showed up to fight with my fangs out. I’m not even sure you have teeth.”
  • “Is that sweat? Ugh, you’re dripping like a faucet. So tragic and kinda gross.”
  • “It’s cool. Nobody expects a ground pounder like you to reach great heights.”
  • “Let’s see you do that. Oh wait. no wings. Maybe, flap your arms real fast?”
  • “Let’s see you do that. Oh, wait. No wings. Maybe, flap your arms really fast?”
  • “Let’s see you try that. Oh, wait. (sings) You got no wings.. uh uh. You got no wings… uh uh.”
  • “Oh, so sorry… Sorry for thinking you might actually be a threat.”
  • “See what I mean? How many times do I have to say “Look up”? Unreal.”
  • “Should’ve punched out when you had the chance.”
  • “Somebody strapped their g-suit too tight this morning. In the pants area. Ouch.”
  • “Somebody’s grounded. Sending you to bed with no championship, kiddo.”
  • “Thanks, I really appreciate how easy you made that look for me. Nice touch.”
  • “That was… embarrassing. I mean, I know I’m good, but, wow, they let you compete? Like that?”
  • “The question isn’t if your squad’s on their way to help you. The question is, do I care?”
  • “This is just your final approach, buddy. Stick the landing and call it a day.”
  • “Too aggressive? Oh, I keep forgetting I’m supposed to be timid and shy. My bad.”
  • “Wait, that actually worked? Huh. Go figure. I really am the best.”
  • “Hey, we’ve all been behind the power curve sometime. Well, not me, but not everyone is me.”
  • “We’ve all been behind the power curve sometime. Not me, but not everyone is me.”
  • “Yes! (laugh) Eat it sucker! What? Sometimes, even I impress myself.”
  • “You don’t mind if I take your lunch, do you? I mean, it’s not like you need it.”
  • “What? You expected me to bow first?”
  • “You lost! Let it go! Take up gardening! That seems more your speed.”
  • “Just so we’re clear, you were a goner three turns ago. The rest was me showing off.”
  • “You’re definitely in the spaghetti now. Good luck getting untangled.”
  • “And if all this wasn’t bad enough, you’re gonna miss a killer sunset. Having a bad day all around, ain’t ya?
  • “You were out of fuel and you didn’t even know it.”
  • “Your girl’s gonna be heartbroken when she hears the news. I’ll tell her you said bye.”
  • “Your tires are kicked and your fires are lit, buddy. Go home.”