Blade & Soul Revolution is finally out in Western regions and you’ve likely jumped in to see what all of the fuss is about. As you’ve probably noticed, the game is quite action-oriented. Outside of a few standard common areas, B&S Revolution has little similarities in terms of combat and gameplay with other MMOs.

While all of the classes in the game are really cool, the Force Master stands out as one of the most fun and versatile to pick up! If you’ve been looking for a build to get yourself started, we’ve got the goods!

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Where to Use the Force Master

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The Force Master is a pretty solid class because you can use it in both PvE and PvP with effective deadliness. Its rotation is also quite straightforward, dealing huge amounts of damage. The main drawback is that it requires you to have a decent grasp of B&S Revolution’s defensive skills. Once your cooldowns are all spent, you’re going to need to use those evasive maneuvers to keep yourself out of trouble until they’re ready to go. Force Masters can be a little more squishy.

The Build

This Blade & Soul Revolution Force Master build focuses on two specific stances: the Base Stance and the Ultimate Stance. Below you’ll find the order in which we recommend you to spend your skill points as you level up.

Base Stance

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Bring Dragonblaze Tree to Level 10

This skill tree should be your first port of call. Spend your points so that all of the skills in this combo tree are at level 10. This should give you a good starting combo to use while you’re leveling up.

Bring Inferno Tree to Level 10

Next, you’ll want to do the same with this combo tree. The added burst this combo gives you will make downing enemies faster so you can speed up the process of leveling your Force Master.

Bring Dual Dragons to Level 10

Once both your Dragonblaze and Inferno combo trees have all of their skills at level 10, you can start focusing on the Dual Dragons skill. This one you’ll also want to take up to level 10. This ability bursts your targets with massive damage and switches you to your Ultimate Stance.

To wrap up your Base Stance skills, set all of the remaining ones to level 1 and then proceed to work on your Ultimate Stance.

Ultimate Stance

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This stance has no combos trees, so it’s pretty straightforward. Like with your Base Stance, spend all of your points so that all of your Ultimate Skills are level 10.

To complete the build, you’ll want to spend the remaining points you have to max out both your Dragonblaze and Inferno combo trees.

What about Phantom Grip and Utility?

This Blade & Soul Revolution Force Master build doesn’t rely on the usage of the Phantom Grip stance. It doesn’t require much utility either. Your main claim to fame lies in your ability to dish out huge bursts of damage through your Dragonblaze and Inferno before bringing out the big guns with your Dual Dragons and Ultimate stance.

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Now, let’s move onto skill variants.

Skill Variants

The following variants of your Force Master skills are selected based on how well their complement this build’s burst capabilities.

Base Stance

  • Fire Blast: Select variant 1 as it gives you extra damage to dish out more pain.
  • Frost Armor: You should pick variant 1 solely for the 10% buff you receive. The invincibility is nice, too.
  • Dragonblaze: You’ll want to take variant 1 for the 15% buff to attack power.
  • Dragonchar: Variant 3 is a no-brainer here because of the big damage boost and knockback.
  • Dragonwhorl: Variant 2 is the best option here as it provides you with much-needed kiting capabilities.
  • Meteor Shower: For the added synergy with burn skills, pick variant 1.
  • Inferno: Pick variant 1 for the crit buff.
  • Short Fuse: Select variant 1 for the 15% attack power buff.
  • Fire Fury: Use variant 2 to give yourself an added chance to burn targets for 15 seconds.
  • Dual Dragons: Variant 2 is an excellent crowd control tool, so take it.

Ultimate Stance

  • Divine Veil: The best choice here is the reduction to ranged damage from variant 1.
  • Chi Bomb: Variant 3 is an insanely good option as it makes your Chi Bomb instant cast, meaning, impossible to evade!
  • Ice Coil: Take variant 2 for the added kiting.
  • Sacred Flames: The only option that works well with this Force Master build is variant 1 for the increased crit damage and rate.

To complete our Force Master build, we’ll need to set up our passives and Hongmoon arts, as well as the legendary and heroic pets to shoot for.

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Place your points in the following order:

  • Attack Power 3: Max
  • Attack Power 2: Max
  • Piercing: Max
  • Accuracy: Max
  • Defense 3: 10 pts.
  • Critical hit 2: dump the rest here
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Hongmoon Arts

The choices here are quite linear so you can use your own judgement. There isn’t anything that won’t work well with the build regardless so just take your picks without worry.

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Via: Youtube/Tisoy Antarctica

Out of all of the legendary pets in Blade & Soul Revolution, the dragons are both pretty good to pick for this Force Master build. Whether you go for attack power or crit is up to you. For PvP, you’ll want to switch to Wukong as he’s hands down the best when dealing with other players. In terms of heroic pets, you should shoot for getting Awakened Infernal Lord for PvP and Blossom for PvE.

Now that we have all of our skills, passives, and other build elements sorted, let’s talk weapons and other gears.

Best Weapons

When it comes to weapons and gears, B&S Revolution is like any other mobile MMO out there. You either need to have insane luck or you need to cough up some cash. If you’re happy to do the latter, then your money will be best spent on a Magma. This bad boy will serve you well in both PvE and PvP. For the rest out there, under Rare or Heroic, you can grab the Dueling Bangles for PvP and Divine Bangles for PvE. In order to unlock their bonuses, you’ll need to level your weapons up to 10.

Best Gears

In order of rarity, the following sets are ideal to use with this Force Master build.


Get all 7 pieces of the Fracture set for PvE and Indomitable set for PvP.


Get all 7 pieces of the Release set for PvE and Ivory Spirit for PvP.


For all of you high rollers out there, the Mushin set is your best choice.

How to Reforge this Force Master Build

As this Force Master build relies heavily on dishing out big bursty damage, your reforging is quite straightforward. Ensure that all reforging is geared towards boosting both your attack power and crit as much as possible. The other stats don’t benefit you at all and will only be wasted.

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May You Master the Force

And that’s going to do it for our Blade & Soul Revolution Force Master build guide. Out of all of the builds for this class out there, this one has by far the best fun-to-complexity ratio! The added benefit is that it’ll get you to consider your defense when your cooldowns are off and need to focus on evading until they’re back online.