Learning the best gun and load out for any of the modes you’re playing in COD Mobile is one of the most fun factor of this game! Thankfully, you don’t need any experiences in COD Modern Warfare to have a perfectly good time in the mobile title of COD!

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However, even on Call of Duty

Mobile, the wrong load out can make things difficult for you to win. Whether you’re playing in classic mode or battle royale, having a good gun can mean all the difference. Let’s take a look at one of the favorite types of many an FPS gamer – sniper rifles!

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COD Mobile Gamepleton’s Best Call of Duty Mobile Sniper Rifles

That’s Gamepleton’s BCODMSR because the list’s name is kinda long, but we still like it, and its abbreviation is still long anyway!

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4p73nVVX7U
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3) M21 EBR

The M21 EBR is the first weapon you want to look at if you’re a fan of accuracy, but can’t hit the broad side of a castle (kudos to those who know this catchphrase!) Of course, that’s not to say you’ll definitely hit someone when firing from the hip or closing your eyes and squeezing the trigger. You would need to give up a bit of weapon damage with this baby, but you wouldn’t need the same agonizing effort as with other sniper rifles to get in a headshot!

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2) DL Q33

If you’re familiar with the previous Call of Duty titles, then you’ll know the DL Q33. It’s an iconic sniper rifle that every COD fan should know! Call of Duty (Cod Mobile):

Mobile has even brought it back for its mobile port! However, this might not be the same sniper rifle everyone has grown to love, as the gun’s fire rate is not as great in this version. Fortunately, what it lacks in speed, it makes up for in accuracy, range, and power.

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1) Arctic .50

An honorary mention does go to the Arctic. 50! It’s not something you’ll want to have in your load out for very long, but it’s a great hybrid sniper rifle for those who don’t like to perch. However, if you do like to sit in one place and snipe, this weapon’s ability to get you from one place to another is great to keep in your load out!

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These Are Our Guns. Which Are Yours?

So that’s Gamepleton’s BCODMSR! No two snipers are the same, even here at Gamepleton! Share with us what’s your top 3 sniper rifles in this lovely mobile shooter!