Who is She?

A leader. A Hunter. An Assassin.

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Also known as The Raven Hunter, Eileen the Crow is a friendly Hunter NPC in PS4’s Bloodborne.

She is a bad-ass elderly woman who dons The Crowfeather Set consisting of a raven mantle and a wooden medieval doctor’s mask shaped like a beak. This mask contains incense to conceal the scent of blood and beasts so she can resist the intoxication of the hunt, allowing her to deal with hunters who have succumbed to blood lust.

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For this task, she wields the Blade of Mercy – warped blades which are forged with siderite, a rare mineral of the heavens. She searches for and disposes of other hunters who have become hated and feared after going mad with power.

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The leader of the Hunter of the Hunters covenant, Eileen the Crow, dresses to suggest a continuance in the long-running belief in sky burial so former compatriots may find rest in a hunter’s dream, rather than seal them in coffins for eternity.

Eileen the Crow grumbles about her unending duty as she is convinced she is too old for this kind of work, but she continues to undertake her role fearlessly. Despite being a ruthless and determined hunter, she has been known to display empathy and maternal regard for players.

A foreigner to the city of Yharnam, she lurks in the shadows of the city that is painted with the blood of slain men and women. She keeps a low profile as she seeks out every last menacing hunter. She is proud and unyielding as she faces danger at every turn. 

Eileen’s Quest Line

Players have opportunities to speak with Eileen at several different stages throughout the game. If you are courageous enough to assist her against her enemies, she will reward you with emotes, leading to the prized Crow Hunter Badge and the Hunter Rune after completing her quest line. Players also have the opportunity to join her Hunter of Hunters covenant.

When players meet her, she will explain her role as a Hunter of Hunters and advise that all the humans are gone. She will encourage players to continue hunting the beasts that wander the city.

The choices you make after meeting Eileen will determine her fate. Helping her defeat Henryk the Hunter in the Tomb of Oedon is the pinnacle of her quest. The consequence of failing to beat Henryk before you enter the Forbidden Woods may mean Eileen turns hostile! By losing to Henryk means, you will not receive any further rewards other than the Crow Hunter Badge.

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Ensure you keep an eye out for Eileen the Crow at every opportunity and exhaust all dialogue options at each encounter. Providing you meet up with her in the first two instances, you should have no problem succeeding and completing her quest line.

Now that her glory days are long gone, why does she continue to put her life in danger at every turn? She insists on dealing with Henryk herself, but if the player doesn’t intervene, she would surely lose to him. She is a strong and stubborn old woman who believes in her abilities and has a score to settle, despite being so close to death.

In the end, she is forced to face the reality of her situation. She realizes there’s no turning back and that a hunter cannot hunt forever, but she is the Hunter of the Hunters and will continue to kick ass no matter what.

However, she needs your help – are you up for the challenge?

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