We have seen many standalone spin-offs of well-known titles go down a treat in the past. We need only look at Marvel’s Spiderman: Miles Morales, Infamous: First Light or Far Cry: Blood Dragon as examples of this. Well, the Far Cry series decided to double their total of standalone spin-off titles in 2019 with a spin-off of the controversial American satire title Far Cry 5. This title would be referred to as Far Cry New Dawn and would be a direct continuation of the plot from the original title.

What is Far Cry New Dawn?

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As mentioned, it’s a direct spin off continuing the story of Far Cry 5. However, in this version of the game, you take control of a new protagonist, you’ll encounter new characters and you will face off against a whole new batch of enemies too. The game also takes place in Hope County, which is the same location. So, the game uses the same map as Far Cry 5, only opting to give it a reskin to fit the purposes of the narrative. This story takes place seventeen years after the global nuclear catastrophe.

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The game includes most of the same gameplay mechanics as Far Cry 5, including guns for hire, fangs for hire and a focus on clearing and capturing AI-controlled encampments. It is essentially more of the same great content that Far Cry 5 provided but with a whole new story to be told. This game was released on February 2019 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Stadia and PC.

Choosing the Right Package

Unlike some of the games that release today with just one standard edition, Far Cry New Dawn was available at release with a standard edition and a deluxe edition. So, you may be wondering, what does the deluxe edition offer that makes it worth my while? Well, that exactly is what we are going to tell you.

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So, here is everything that the deluxe edition has to offer listed below:

Content from the Standard Edition: Firstly, it almost goes without saying, but when you buy the deluxe edition, you get everything that is included in the standard edition. This is essentially access to the full game.

Extra Weapons and Vehicles: The player will also receive a number of premium backs with unique items and vehicles not available to players who purchase the standard edition. These weapons and vehicles give the player a headstart at the beginning of the game and make areas that may have been a challenge a piece of cake.

The extra perks are as below:

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  • The Retro pack which includes the M133M shotgun and the RAT4 rocket launcher.
  • The Knight pack which includes the SVD Claymore sniper rifle and the sidecar motorbike.
  • The Hurk Legacy pack which includes the Wrath M249 machine gun and the Legacy Offroader + Hurkling outfits.

It is also worth noting that players who pre-ordered this title would have also revived the unicorn trike skin as a pre-order bonus. However, this is sadly not available as part of the deluxe package.

Is the Deluxe Edition Worth it?

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In truth, this really depends on how much you value exclusive content and if you value an easy early game. For those that enjoy the former, this edition offers weapons and vehicles that aren’t available to most other players, which can be very desirable, especially if this is a series that you really enjoy. Then, with the latter, some players will struggle with the early stages of the game where resources are scarce, and you having this bundle of goodies to get you through the beginning of the game could be invaluable!

Plus, at the time of writing, the Playstation Store is currently offering a sale price on the Deluxe edition, which incidentally is only a fraction more than the price of the standard edition. So, at this moment, you would be a fool not to spend that tiny bit more and get the deluxe edition!

It is also worth mentioning that you can purchase an edition of the game called the ‘ultimate edition’ which allows players to purchase the deluxe edition of Far Cry New Dawn along with Far Cry 5. However, at this moment, there is no sale offer for this product so we would perhaps stay clear of this option if you are trying to be fiscally responsible.

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So that’s our guide regarding the standard and deluxe editions of Far Cry New Dawn. What do you make of this guide? Was it helpful? What edition of Far Cry New Dawn will you be picking up for yourself? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.