Far Cry Primal was an intriguing departure from the series’s standard settings. Taking place in a prehistoric era, you step into the animal hide boots of Takkar of the Wenja clan. As you journey across the land of Oros, you discover that you have the unique ability to tame beasts, netting you the moniker of Beast Master. With this unique power, you’re tasked with defeating the rival tribes of the Wenja and bringing prosperity to your people.

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In terms of story, Far Cry Primal is as straightforward as they come. What can feel quite vague at times is the simplistic dialogue. It plays out in simple patterns which fits the historical timeline the game takes place in. Despite that, there are some powerful character moments across Primal’s narrative, including its final moments.

You may currently be playing Far Cry Primal and aren’t feeling up to finishing it. Or perhaps you got to the end but something didn’t quite add up. In this article, we’ve got Far Cry Primal’s ending explained so you can get the full picture of what happens when the credits roll and beyond.

!! Do be warned that this post is filled with spoilers !!

Far Cry Primal’s Story Structure

Primal has an open-ended missions structure. This means that you can go around doing whatever quests tickle your fancy without the game forcing you to follow one specific strand. This can lead to some disconnect between certain story beats that are significant to the end of Primal’s narrative.

It all starts with Ull’s fate.

Death of Ull

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Ull is the leader of the cannibalistic Udam, After an intense showdown with him, the game cuts to a scene where Takkar is about to deal the finishing blow. What interrupts him are the cries of a baby in the vicinity. Ull pleads Takkar to wait as he limps his way towards the wailing infant. After picking it up, Ull sits slumped against a wall and draws out a knife, claiming he’ll take the baby with him. At that moment, another Udam child comes out from hiding and Ull has a change of heart. He instead hands the infant over to Takkar and pleads for him to protect both of the Udam young as the Wenja are known to live longer. Takkar obliges and Ull draws his last breath and dies. Takkar returns to the Wenja with the children and is greeted with much fanfare. Sayla asks for Ull’s ear but Takkar has not taken it, which disappoints her briefly. The Udam young are welcomed with open arms.

The Udam ending has quite a few aspects to unpack. For one, Ull remained full of pride even in his dire situation. The sight of his child, however, made him reconsider his options and choose to let the baby live. It’s a moment of redemption for the cannibal leader who had been bloodthirsty and ruthless throughout the game. On the other hand, there’s also the post-credit scene (explained later) which alludes to more nefarious motivations behind his decision.

Dah’s Last Request

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The next significant mission Takkar undertakes is to defeat the Sun Goddess and leader of the Izila, Battari. Upon taking her down, the rest of her tribe pledge their allegiance to the Wenja and aid Takkar in taking down the allies of the Sun Goddess. The main reason for killing off these sisters is to avenge Dah, a former Udam warrior who is dying from the “skull fire”, the disease that has plagued his tribe for generations. Returning to Dah, begins another cutscene. Dah speaks of Takkar’s strength and how he ended up being mightier than the one person he regarded above anyone else, Ull. With this in mind, he requests Takkar take his life so that he doesn’t have to endure a slow death from the “skull fire”. Takkar obliges by helping Dah thrust his own dagger into his heart.

This scene is significant as it demonstrates how Takkar’s strength and abilities were significant in the Udam seeing his tribe as the more prosperous one. It also tells us that despite their primitive nature, the characters of Far Cry Primal are guided by emotion.

Land of Oros Conquered

The ending scene sees Takkar returning to the Wenja triumphantly. The tribe celebrates the Beast Master by praising his strength. Sayla explains that with Ull and Battari dead, the Wenja are the dominant tribe of Oros. Takkar in return states that she “no longer walks alone” – a possible euphemism that her vengeance has been carried out. The scene ends with the tribe celebrating and the credits roll.

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If you’re thinking in your head “that’s it?” then you’re not alone. Far Cry Primal isn’t the deepest of story experiences. The fact that it ends on a drab and predictable note is testament to that. If you’ve played through the game, though, there is some significance to be garnered. As the Beast Master, Takkar goes through a lot of trials and tribulations for his people. He slays mighty foes, tames wild beasts, and explores the land far and wide. To return so triumphantly and be recognized for his deeds is nothing short of satisfying.

But, sticking around until the post-credits scene rewards you with a little surprise.

Post-Credits Scene

Once the credits of Far Cry Primal finish rolling, the game cuts to one final short scene. Set in a dark cave, we see Ull’s daughter growling and thrusting her hands forward. As the camera pans around her, it reveals that she’s intently trying to will a big black bear into submission. And she succeeds. This means that she has the same innate Beast Master abilities Takkar does. So, what’s the deal here?

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When we think back to Ull’s death and his decision to let his daughter and baby live, we can speculate on a couple of things. For one, Ull may have known or suspected his daughter had a gift and felt that letting her live would allow her to avenge him after she becomes older. There’s also the possibility that he didn’t know and his daughter was just discovering that she too can command beasts and bend them to her will. In that case, it may be possible that a sequel or DLC was planned that involved Ull’s daughter as a Beast Master. As it stands, we have yet to see a continuation of Primal’s story. Ubisoft haven’t expressed or shown any interest in exploring the world of Oros further.

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That’s pretty much all there is to say about the game’s ending. Some have said that it might as well have no ending. This may be true if you’ve not been heavily invested in its gameplay – which is fantastic. The reality is that Far Cry Primal is still a strong FC game that’s worth picking up if you haven’t had a go at it yet!