We can all think back to the iconic film Toy Story. It was a game changer in the film industry and in the hearts of viewers. Now, Epic is triggering my nostalgia with the new “Plastic Patroller” skin. As with any collaboration skin, it’s gone over really well with the community. Toy Story 4 has been released on silver screens, so it makes sense that this collab would come now.

Ignoring the story behind the skin, I still think it’s really good-looking. They did a really great job with the texturing. It really looks just like the toys we used to play with!

The Skin

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Via: progameguides.com

The classic army green color covers the entirety of the skin, although a grey color is also available. There’s something about this skin that gives off a really fun vibe that fits the aesthetic of Fortnite.

If you look closely, you’ll see the face looks exactly like the Jonesy default skin. It’s really cool how such an extraordinary skin still meshes perfectly with the game!


This new skin does not include any challenges that gamers must complete. As someone who doesn’t like spending too much time grinding out challenges, this was nice to hear.

Two Types

Much like the original toys, the skin comes in two colors: army green and grey. The alternate color can be selected by going into your locker – selecting the skin – hitting “Edit Style” – selecting the grey one.

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Via: progameguides.com

The Glider

Unfortunately, there’s no glider specifically made for this skin. But, due to its simplicity, there are tons of really nice looking skin-combos to pair with it. The “Assault Bomber” looks super nice with it because they both have the military look.

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The Wrap

You probably already guessed it, but this skin comes with both a green and grey wrap to completely blend in with itself. The shiny finish makes every skin look like a toy, which is pretty ironic considering how much havoc they cause. The sleek plastic grey looks great with the “Plastic Patroller” and “Chief Hopper”, a.k.a. the “Sentinel”. The best skins can be paired with many others. You’ll get your money’s worth.

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The Pickaxe

Once again the skin does not come with a specific pickaxe but there is plenty to work with. Honestly, any pickaxe goes really well with this. Even the default looks nice, because it’s just so simple.

Hidden Advantages 

Although Epic claims this skin is purely “cosmetic” and “provides no competitive advantage”, there are some surprisingly competitively advantageous attributes. The green of the plastic is close to the green of the grass on the map, so you can hide pretty well from distances.


The new skin is even better looking within the game and even more useful. If you are curious as to see how it looks, preview it here:

Fortnite really loaded the nostalgia into this skin and has pleased fans. Whenever a skin is recognizable, simple, and good looking, it turns out great. Combine this with the timeless masterpiece that is Toy Story, and you have yourself a Top 10 skin.

Epic was able to breathe a little more life into the game with this addition. Makes me wonder what’s going to be next on their creative radar!