Making the next GTA Vice City or Tekken 3 is something that many people dream of doing. Games are popular hobbies around the world. Turning your hobby of video games into a career seems like an amazing opportunity. Game design is very different from game development, even though making video games is an exciting prospect for many people. 

Game Design Vs Game Development

Specialists in game design and development are not separated in a way that makes generalists happy to combine them. It’s the difference between these people’s thinking styles that make game design and game development different. In the case of a game, designers are in charge of the creative side, and developers are in charge of the code and technical background. Let’s get to the bottom of your long-standing question about how game design relates to game development without being blunt or generalized.

What is a Video Game Designer

A planner who designs video games is known as a game designer.

Essentially, designers are the ones who build the foundation on which the final product will be built. It is important to complete this work well because it is usually completed before anything else in the production cycle.

The employer may divide designers into even smaller groups, each of which focuses on a specific aspect of the game.

  • Design Leads

It is the role of a lead designer to manage a team of designers and ensure the game’s overall vision is realized.

  • Those who design levels

A level designer creates the level-by-level play of a game, making them the best known of all game designers.

  • Designers of narration

Designing content in some way involves the world’s narrative. In addition to writing the story, they might also write the dialogue for NPCs or PCs, missions, or in-game material. 

  • A system designer

A system designer designs a game around one particular feature, sometimes in conjunction with others.

Depending on the genre, the elements that constitute a complete game project will differ greatly.

What is a Video Game Developer?

There is often confusion about this phrase since it is both used to describe a job position and also to describe the company that develops games.

A Term such as ‘video game studio’, ‘video game publisher’, or ‘video game developer’ is appropriate to describe a company that makes video games.

To clarify, a video game developer, according to this article, is someone or, more often, a team of individuals who create the actual game from the ideas and goals of the design team.

It is their responsibility to turn visions into reality. However, look now at the difference between Game Development Vs Game Design.

What is the Difference between Game Development and Game Design?

Game Design or Game Development

Both the processes of designing and developing video games different, but deeply intertwined. A game’s appearance and feel revolve around the former, while its development revolves around the latter. The designer of a video game creates the vision; the developer turns it into reality.

Game Design Programming

A good game depends on the integration of design and development.

Designing requires artistic and visual skills, and development involves computer science at its core. You need to choose the path that is right for you

Comparing Video Game Designers and Developers

Examining their differences in terms of various parameters, including educational backgrounds, curricula, job roles, and skills, would be helpful.


  • Designers of video games

To become a video game designer, students would need to earn a degree in video game design through an associate’s or bachelor’s program.

  • Developers of video games

A bachelor’s degree usually qualifies game developers, whether in game development or simulation programming or another subject such as computer science or software engineering.

Game development is also an option that can lead to an associate degree, like game design.


The curriculum for both Game Design or Game Development degrees has several common subjects. These are the specific subjects you will study in either program.

Video game design curriculum typically cover Simulation, Serious Games, and the following subjects:

  • 3D Modeling Expertise
  • Animation at its Finest
  • Advanced Texturing 3D Scripting & Advanced Rigging
  • Game Engines for Advanced Game Design
  • Statistics and Game Analytics
  • Digital Sculpting in 3D
  • Development of Virtual Reality
  • Motion Capture/Virtual Production

Advanced Algorithms and APIs are among the topics covered in

The video game app development program typically cover Advanced Algorithms, APIs, and the following subjects:

  • Serious Games and Simulations
  • Programming for 2D and 3D Game Consoles
  • Game Development and Mathematics
  • Development of a 2D game engine and tools
  • Quality Assurance and Software Testing
  • Games API on the Web
  • Design Patterns for Advanced Game Design
  • AI stands for Artificial Intelligence.
  • Development of Virtual Reality

Required skills for game creation

A video game creator must have the following skills:

  • Because several games are typically copies of each other, you’ll need to be creative with your own game.
  • Problem-solving ideas that are both creative and inventive.
  • Exceptional problem-solving talents, superior analytical abilities, and, most importantly, a never-ending passion for gaming.
  • The ability to collaborate and operate as part of a team.
  • Communication and presenting skills are essential.
  • Excellent visual and drawing skills, as well as knowledge of 3D modeling.

Developers of video games should:

  • Know how to code and program, as well as C++ and advanced algebra.
  • Patience for the length of time it takes to create a video game.
  • Observational skills.

Games Designers and Programmers’ Responsibilities

Following our discussion of the fundamental differences between a game designer and a game programmer, let’s explore their job responsibilities.

Game Designer Responsibilities

  • Identifying viral trends in the gaming business is one of a game designer’s responsibilities.
  • Create a comprehensive game design strategy.
  • Examine existing games for ways to improve them.
  • Come up with original gaming concepts.
  • Experiment with a variety of gaming genres and themes.
  • Create a storyline and a plot.
  • Develop concepts with other designers.
  • Find out what motivates your target audience.
  • Prepare unique and innovative game concepts.
  • Character mobility is developed to aid in the determination of difficulty levels and maps.

Game Programmer responsibilities: Convert the ideas of the Game Designer into playable games.

  • Converting the ideas of the Game Designer into playable games.
  • Error detection and correction through game testing
  • Working with software developers is a good idea.
  • Existing games should be checked for bugs.
  • Use Al to give your characters more movement.

Assess whether you’re more drawn to the creative or technical aspects of games while determining which professional route to pursue. 

Both game designers and programmers are in high demand, and both occupations may be difficult, but enjoyable and rewarding.

Average Annual Salary by Job Title

Look below the difference in the annual salary of a game developer vs a game designer:

  • $100,000 for a game developer
  • $90,000 for a game designer

In Closing

You should now have a better understanding of the differences between Game Design or Game Development, two important gaming professions. Every successful team consists of people who know how to think through ideas and turn them into a unified canvas and those who can turn those ideas into something you can interact with.

Teamwork and transparency between departments are the guiding principles of BR Softech. As a result, our game designers and developers work in close tandem to ensure that our clients’ projects are exactly what they want. For any design or development assistance you need, we can find an embodiment that perfectly fits your idea.