Among other noticeable and cherished traits that make it stand out among the crowd of RPGs, Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning boasts a plethora of interesting, engaging and fun abilities.

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Some of these are meant to strengthen your character, some have the sole purpose of raining down destruction upon your enemies, but what all have in common is that they are well thought-out and bring an extra layer of depth to Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning.

Whichever class, race or build you choose to take, you have to be knowledgeable about these abilities, so that you can maximize your efficiency.

Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning offers players a nearly unseen level of freedom to mix and match all sorts of abilities, and this almost limitless customization is a big part of why the game has such great replay value.

Let’s now take a look at some of the best abilities Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning has to offer, so you can decide which build is most suited to your play style.

Best Abilities

Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning
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Because it is impossible to decide on overall top of Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning best abilities, we will instead look at the 3 best abilities for every Class, both Active and Passive.

Abilities can be ranked in 6 tiers, with 6 being the highest. This usually delineates their position in the Ability tree, as well as their damage potential, but this does not always correlate with them being the best for use.

Sorcery Abilities

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3) Healing Surge

  • Tier: 3
  • Points Needed: 20

The first entry in our list is probably the most boring. Healing Surge is just your basic heal, which can be used to restore your health pool. It’s an active ability and the longer you hold the button, the more health gets restored.

While it is pretty straightforward, simplistic and rather non-exciting, any player who has played through one of the Hard modes will know that having the ability to heal yourself whenever you want is crucial and thus Healing Surge is by far one of the best Sorcery Abilities in the game.

2) Winter’s Embrace

  • Tier: 6
  • Points Needed: 70


Winter’s Embrace is an upgrade to Ice Barrage and requires the Frostshackle Ability, as well as 70 points in Sorcery. It is one of the ultimate abilities a Sorcerer can attain and, boy, does it live up to its status!

Holding the button for this Active ability, you will send a continuous barrage of ice shards towards your opponents, pummeling them with Ice, Piercing and Freezing damage. Moreover, this ability just feels powerful, so words are often insufficient to explain the deep satisfaction and power Winter’s Embrace provides.

1) Tempest

  • Tier: 5
  • Points Needed: 50


What’s more incredible than a barrage of ice pummeling enemies? How about a thunderstorm, striking down foes with lightning bolts coming from the skies!

While Tempest is “only” a tier 5 ability and thus does less damage to a single enemy than Winter’s Embrace, we feel that it has the potential to clear large packs of enemies rather quickly, having more overall use. 

Plus, it just looks bad-ass, and if bringing down lightning and thunder from the sky does not make you feel like an all-powerful wizard, we don’t know what will!

Might Abilities

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3) Quake

  • Tier: 2
  • Points Needed: 5

Say what? A tier 2 ability in the top 3 of the best abilities? Most certainly! Quake, at its basic form, gives you an active ability and allows you to smash the ground, causing a tremor and damaging all foes around you. It’s possible to cast this spell rapidly to chain up to 3 attacks.

However, if that was all there was to it, it would not make this list, no matter how useful and fun Quake is.

Further down the Might tree, you can upgrade Quake by using abilities such as Aftershock (the final hit of Quake can Stun your foes, in addition to increasing the damage), significantly enhancing its utility.

2) Bulwark

  • Tier: 4
  • Points Needed: 35

Perhaps a rather surprising entry in this list, Bulwark can more than hold its own against some of the more flashy and “useful” abilities a warrior can possess. As such, you have to take into consideration that you are a melee class, and will frequently and sometimes rather savagely be subjected to repeated beatings from enemies.

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Bulwark provides a defense against this, by often stunning melee attackers because their blows simply bounce off of your impenetrable defense.

The phrase “come at me, bro!” was perhaps not invented with Bulwark in mind, but it certainly fits!

1) Wrath

  • Tier: 6
  • Points Needed: 70

One of the final abilities of the Might tree provides you with an on-use active ability to jump into the air, taking several enemies with you and then smacking them back down with crushing force.

 “Wrath” is a very appropriate name, and coupled with the possibility to increase the damage when you mash the button, it really makes you feel like a mighty titan, beating down lowly mortals.

If you want a flashy and powerful Might ability, Wrath’s the name of the game! Well, Kingdoms of Amalur is, but, you know what we mean!

Finesse Abilities

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3) Frost Trap

  • Tier: 2
  • Points Needed: 5

The Finesse tree has a heavy emphasis on preparation, waiting for the right moment to strike, bursting into violent and deadly action! Cutting throats or sniping from a distance are without a doubt the most used and effective tools, but Frost Trap adds another layer to this play style.

This on-use Ability lets you place a Frost Trap, which will explode when an unsuspecting enemy (or enemies) comes near, causing Ice and Freezing damage. You can place 4 traps at a time, and this ability definitely ups the ante to the whole “preparation” game and allows you to execute ambushes like no other!

In addition, you can further upgrade this Ability through Ice Explosion (more damage, adds a disorientation).

2) Smoke Bomb

  • Tier: 4
  • Points Needed: 35

Overwhelmed by enemies and in need of a quick getaway? Smoke Bomb can aid you in such a pursuit, by offering you an on-use Active ability which throws down a smokescreen to stun your foes and blind them to your presence for a short while.

In addition, you can upgrade Smoke Bomb further down the line, adding a deadly poison cloud to its effects.

Smoke Bomb makes this list because it embodies the play-style of Finesse perfectly! You’re meant to be dealing with enemies instantly, rapidly and silently, often before they even know what hit them. If that fails, well … Smoke Bomb your way out of it and try again!

1) Gambit

  • Tier: 6
  • Points Needed: 70

The final Ability of the Finesse tree adds a whole bunch of extravagant flair to a tree that is mostly about subtle attacks, striking down foes while drawing as little attention as possible.

Gambit, on the other hand, allows you to jump up into the air and throw explosives around you, which cause damage to enemies and tosses them around the battlefield.

The damage it does is pretty decent, but the real attraction of Gambit is the ability to leap out of the shadows for a final display of fireworks and a flashy exposition of the skills you have gained through the levels!

Every Skill has its Day

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While we found these skills to be the best of use, everyone does indeed have different play styles. Just have a whole variety of classes already opens up a world of possibilities, so don’t stick to just one set of skills — try them all!