If you’ve been playing Legends of Runeterra, then you know that building a deck for progression isn’t exactly a fast and easy process if you’re on a budget. Decks can get pricey, especially if you want a killer meta deck. You could look around the internet for some starter decks that don’t have a champion at all, but those aren’t exactly meta and it would be hard to break into the competitive scene until you start working your way up to running a deck with a champion, such as Yasuo or Katarina.

Legends of Runeterra
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You Don’t Always Need a Champion

However, one of the advantages of running without a champion is that you can confuse your opponents. Even a beginner can take down more experienced Legends of Runeterra players simply by having a champion-less deck because your opponent won’t know the type of deck that you’re playing.

If you’re going to go with a budget deck that does not have a champion, then you’ll have to put a lot of thought into the different cards that are in your deck. There is a way to do this on a budget as long as you focus on your early game.

Remember: Focus!

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Your budget deck will want to optimize having a strong early game with units that are both aggressive and elusive. The strategy with early budget decks in Legends of Runeterra is to control the game early on. Here are some decks and tactics that we find really do work and will help you climb up the levels and ranks. So, if you are looking to slay the day, but are restricted by a budget, here are some budget decks and strategies to become a champion in your own right:

Noxian Aggro Deck

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This deck in particular, stays budget-friendly by being a championless deck. It is a “smash ’em” deck that leaves no time for trading, consisting of low-cost minions and damaging spells to beat your enemy quickly. Playing Legion Saboteur into Boomcrew Rookie will leave your opponent rocked!

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Budget Yasou Deck

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Did you know that Yasou has been underestimated in Legends of Runeterra? The key to playing this deck is making sure you control the board and your opponent by building up recall and stun casts. This is where Yasou shines – he attacks anyone that is stunned or recalled. The units you play should have stun and recall abilities; this is how you will be able to get Yasou to reach his maximum potential. In addition, he also has quick attack abilities. Some cards in your deck we recommend to have are: “Ravenous Flock”, because it allows you to damage stunned enemies, and “Deny”, because it allows you to cancel an enemy’s magic, which is always helpful.

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Yasou Control Deck

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We know control decks usually come to mind when you are on a budget, but this one again uses Yasou as the champion to try to control your budget. Depending on your opponent’s deck type, there are different ways to play this budget deck. Aggro is a popular deck style and you will regularly encounter them, so you will need a strategy for this. We suggest using Arachnoid Sentry and Herald for the first few turns. If playing against a mid-range or other slower decks, drop your Yasou when you have a chance to protect yourself with Deny. You can also set up Reckon and let Yasou build up to attack and demolish your opponent.

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Elusive Decks

Another type of deck that has been wafting through the wind, claiming to work wonders, is an Elusive deck. It is great when you are on a budget because they can be played with or without champions. We have tried playing this one both with Zed as the champion, as well as without. Championless was a bit tougher, as expected, but this deck still gets the job done when played properly. If you can afford to have Zed in this deck, he is best played in rounds 4-7, but any 3 mana unit can work just as well. Shadow Assassin is also a must here!

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What’s in Your Deck?

Do you think you’ve got the perfect budget deck to fool and trump the competition? Champion or championless, boast your genius to everyone here! Hey, it can even become an aggro deck for those who love fast and hard games!