This stadium creator feature in MLB the Show 21 has everyone in the community talking! We were certainly excited to see this too and have already seen some concept art that look pretty promising. Today we bring you everything you need to know about the MLB the Show 21 stadium creator, and it is a lot of never seen before information!

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If you came over here from our MLB the Show 21: Changes for the Win! article, this is where you’re getting some sugar! From what systems this feature will be on, to when it will be released, and much more, keep reading for some top secret insider information!

Is it for Everyone?

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First things first, we need to tell you which systems this feature will be available on. By this we mean that unfortunately the stadium creator feature will not be available on all gaming systems. From the news that MLB the Show developers have released, just recently in fact, the stadium creator feature will only be available on next generation consoles.

This means the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X. If you have looked into getting these consoles already, you know how expensive they are, as well as a pain to find. They seem to sell out left and right both online and in retail stores. We personally don’t think this was something that the developers designed in order to boost next generation console sales. Instead, we think it must be something that has to do with the available technology that those next generation consoles can bring to the table.

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They have not made any comments about whether the stadium creator feature will always remain exclusive to the next generation consoles, so not all hope is lost here. Realistically it makes sense that the next step would be implementing the feature on the current generation consoles. Unfortunately, for PC and Nintendo Switch players, it could also be quite a while or possibly never for this stadium creator feature to be on these platforms.

We apologize if we are the bearer of bad news with this information, but it is better to have this clearly and properly answered then to leave it all up to speculation and rumors. Now that you are aware of the consoles that will carry this feature, it is time to get into the details and capabilities of the stadium creator!

Creator Features

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Since the feature itself was only announced recently, not many specifics are known and a majority is left up to speculation. But here is what you can expect for the stadium creator feature in MLB The Show 21:

Sandbox Style

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First it will begin as a sandbox feature, meaning that you can make whatever stadiums you would like at any location or backdrop. There will be limitations for the depth of the field and height of the walls, of course. Realistically, you cannot have an outfield wall twice the size of the Green Monster from Fenway Park. You also cannot make your stadium 600 feet deep and make it like the second coming of Polo Grounds.

If those outlandish options were in the game you may get a kick out of it as a joke, but if you ever used that stadium online, your opponent would certainly not enjoy it.


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Another expectation is that MLB the Show developers will come up with a list of backdrops that you can choose from for your stadium. Of course the major league stadiums do not have much of a backdrop since they are often surrounded by seats on all sides. However if you played at the minor league stadiums in MLB the Show 20, you understand that backdrops can be a pretty fun feature.

Stadium Creator
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For example, there is Bayfront Park which features a beach and amusement park in the background. Or Laughing Mountain Park with the huge mountains and crazy billboard on left field. Backdrops can be a fun element of your stadium, but realistically, one cannot design their own entire backdrop (sans mods, but that’s a different article altogether). Therefore expect to be limited to some options in the beginning, although there should still be plenty to choose from. We personally think a Field of Dreams backdrop with a cornfield would look very cool and be a pretty fun stadium to play in.


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After designing your stadium you will want to play in it, of course. Another issue is that we currently do not know what modes the stadiums can be used in. We would expect to certainly not use these stadiums online due to our reasons from earlier. However we certainly imagine that you might use them in a Play Now game or maybe even franchise mode. Since you will play against the computers in franchise mode, you could use your own stadium, but if you pick a team, their stadium will be your home stadium, of course. So, maybe with a little manipulation, you could use your own stadium on franchise mode.


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Similar to the logo creator, we would also expect to be able to download stadiums that other people have designed. Yes, you can make all the stadiums you have ever dreamed of, but odds are other people are going to come up with some really cool ideas too! So, go ahead and check what everyone else has in mind! You might even find an truly epic design that one cannot even dream of!

We Can’t Wait!

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With all that being said, stadium creator is still very much up in the air. The only hard set information is that it will only be available on the next generation consoles. As for the release date, it seems that the stadium creator feature will be available at launch when the game comes out in April. Until then, stay tuned for more information on the MLB the Show 21 stadium creator feature!