After the great omnic crisis, all the robots that formed part of a rebel army were destroyed.

All except one.

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If you played Overwatch in its early stages, you’d be familiar with the problems Bastion initially caused. He was overpowered. Most players simply swapped out their heroes mid-game, and got some easier kills with Bastion. Now, however, the game is a lot more balanced.

Skills & Abilities

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Bastion’s right arm is a gun, and a powerful one at that, but it’s more suited for mid-range combat. His main damage comes in the form of a turret.

After Bastion transforms into an immovable turret, his damage is increased significantly, making his weapon a lot more powerful. Tanks and shields stand very little chance against Bastion’s turret mode, making him a formidable hero to play against. Bastions’ turret ability is one of the highest damage per second abilities in the game – running towards Bastion in sentry mode isn’t the smartest thing to do!

If you’re playing against Bastion, the system isn’t broken. You still have time to get out of his way in turret mode, as there’s a slight wind-up time, and he can’t headshot enemy players.

Bastion can also self-heal, so in between fights with other heroes, you have the ability to make the healers’ job a lot easier.

If the turret wasn’t powerful enough, Bastion can also turn into a tank! His tank mode allows him to move and fire his cannon for 8 seconds, which deals 205 damage on a direct hit, as well as further splash damage. You can still heal in tank mode too, so while you’re waiting for the cooldown, make sure you heal up!

Plus, his hit box is a lot smaller, so enemy players have a harder time dealing damage.

How to Defeat Bastion

With everything said in praise of Bastion, he does have his downfalls.

The first is that he can still receive a head shot in turret mode. That tiny blue light on top of his body? Yup, that’s his head! Bastion can easily be picked off from a distance.

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While in turret mode, he can’t be moved, but he can be put to sleep. This takes him out of turret mode, making it a lot easier to take him down. He also has a second weak point on his back, so if you can get around him, you can take him out easily.

Bastion is the weakest against the following characters: Genji, Widowmaker, Hanzo, Junkrat, Pharah, Tracer, Roadhog, Mei and Reaper.

Tracer and Reaper, along with their Blink and Shadow Step abilities, are great against Bastion’s turret mode.

Genji  has the mobility to flank Bastion from behind, targeting his second weak spot.

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Widowmaker is great for long range and high damage attacks.

Junkrat and Pharah can cause mass amounts of explosive damage when Bastion is in turret form.

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Tanking the Game

For those who prefer a more steadfast approach to this FPS game, providing cover and laying down heavy fire, Bastion is the one for you. Those who prefer a speedy, stealthy and high-speed game (not saying Overwatch isn’t), you might want to consider other heroes instead.