Bad End Theater has received an overwhelmingly positive review from players, making us wonder, is it worth the purchase?

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What is Bad End Theater?

Bad End Theater is an overwhelmingly positive game reviewed as a “choose your own fate” gameplay. You can choose up to 4 different protagonists who will ultimately fall to a bad ending. Which ending will be chosen? That’s up to you. The story is extremely compelling with the intention of teaching the player that everyone has a story, and looks are not everything.

The setting of Bad End Theater is about Humans against Demons, which gives it that dark and grim type of atmosphere. Even though the style is pixel art, the innocence of the images does not technically overrule the mature parts of the story.

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One thing to note about this game is that there are many mentions of death, blood, and violence. You choose between being peaceful or violent with the other protagonists. For younger viewers, this could be a rough choice of a game to play. 

Is Bad End Theater Worth it?

Bad End Theater is a single-player Indie game that is made of consequences from your personal choices. The overall lesson from this game is to have an open mind while having the most fun learning the Lore and connection between each character. 

Overall, Bad End Theater is worth playing for any single-player looking for a fun enjoyable pixel art aesthetic game. It will take you through many different routes of the story, including the involvement of the LGBTQ+ community. We believe this makes the game overall very friendly, open-minded, and fun to play for everyone. 

Via: Youtube/Heuster 101

Is Bad End Theater Available on all Platforms?

You have the access to play Bad End Theater through PC on a few platforms such as Steam and Linux. The game is also available on mobile which is great for anyone looking for a game to play on the go. Along with this, Bad End Theater is also available and easy to play through Mac, with low graphics and easy access. 

For mobile, Android is the available platform through the Google Play store, along with the App Store, from iOS Version 15.6 onward.

Wrapping Up

Now that we have been able to cover the majority of how Bad End Theater plays and our personal opinion on the gameplay, it is up to you to decide if it’s worth it! Pixel Art games are super fun to play for any age, and this specific game is great for those who are learning at a more mature level. Overall, a highly recommended game for anyone looking for something than yet another fairy tale ending.

Via: Youtube/Heuster 101

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