Many may be familiar with the Walking Dead series of games and Telltales Games’ incredible story-telling prowess. But when creating a new game without the support of other companies’ intellectual properties, like Borderlands and Batman, can The Wolf Among Us stand out among the crowd?

The Wolf Among Us
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The Wolf Among Us engrosses players in murder stories and CSI-esque type of gameplay. It takes place in the world of Fables, a comic book series by Bill Willingham which tells the story of fairy tale characters who have been forced out of their homelands and settled into our modern society.

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The protagonist Bigby Wolf (aka The Big Bad Wolf) is tasked with solving numerous murders occurring throughout New York City. These crimes can take place during the day or night, and you must use your detective skills to find clues that will solve the case.

Other characters from fairy tales have their own story arcs as well; some are comedic while others are darkly serious. These stories can be accessed by exploring environments around NYC’s business district (appropriately named “Fabletown”) and Bowery.

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The Wolf Among Us is a point-and-click adventure game that takes place in real time. You have several choices of actions to take during conversations and events, which will affect the outcome of your experience throughout the story. Many decisions you make may not come back to haunt you until hours later in another episode or chapter, making it difficult to predict the consequences of your actions.

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On one hand, this game is an excellent narrative that keeps you on the edge of your seat; there are many twists and turns throughout the story which will keep players guessing until The End (no spoilers here). On the other hand, we would like more freedom during gameplay instead of watching conversations play out in real time with only a few options available for responding. Perhaps Telltales Games can make these decisions easier by giving Bigby additional dialogue choices later down the road–or give him his own voice!

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Overall though, this is another great point-and-click adventure from one of our favorite studios. In terms of characters and storytelling prowess they are equal compared to the Walking Dead series. We can’t wait to see what their next project is!