Breach is an initiator who is all about timing. Each of his abilities have the potential to help your team get easy kills and round wins, but only if you know when to use them. For this reason, he is a popular agent in very strategic team compositions, given his potential for strong team synergy. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to breach the enemy lines and set your team up for success!


Via: Valorant
  • Cost: 200 credits
  • Windup: 2.2s
  • Damage: 60 per tick, 3 ticks

Aftershock deals damage in bursts to a small area and like the rest of Breach’s utility is deployed through walls. If you know the location of an enemy, hitting them with this ability and then holding means you can get easy picks with the help of the added damage from the explosions.

Like a molly, it’s a great way to clear angles and cubbies, especially as you can place it much more precisely – there’s almost no chance of it ending up somewhere you didn’t intend. However, the disadvantage is that it takes a while to deploy, so your opponent has plenty of warning and can get away before taking much damage. This makes it even more important to be ready for them to swing if they’ll be forced out into the open.

Via: Valorant

You can force people off of angles with Aftershock too, such as if you know an enemy Jett or Chamber is holding with an op or Tour de Force. They’ll have no choice but to fall back and surrender more space to you, and you can capitalize on them being out of position to push further. You can also isolate angles by aiming it at a tight space such as elbow on Split A site, preventing anyone from pushing from there for a few seconds and allowing you to focus on other areas of the map.

Via: Valorant

Another strong time to use this ability is when an opponent is planting or defusing, as you can completely deny them from doing so. This will buy you more time to prepare for a retake or to drain the clock to get closer to the spike detonating. If you’re using it in a postplant scenario, try to waste as much time by shoulder or jump-peeking first, as it will continue to deploy even after your death, so you don’t need to survive up until the end of the round.

As with other abilities which cause damage like Sova’s shock darts, Aftershock can destroy util setups like cypher trips, chamber traps, and if you’re in the right place at the right time, even Killjoy ults on the other side of a wall! You can completely neutralize the other team’s plays this way, forcing them to fall back or commit to a situation where the advantage is now yours.


Via: Valorant
  • Cost: 250 credits, up to 2 total
  • Windup: 0.5s
  • Effect: 2s flash

Flashpoint is an ability which denies vision in a slightly different way to other flashes due to its unique mechanics. Unlike other agents, Breach’s flash cannot be popped in open spaces – you can only use it on the faces of map structures like walls and boxes. However, you do have much more range and can catch enemies off guard more easily as you can deploy through walls.

Since you can flash from much further away, this ability is great to set your teammates up for peeking angles or taking map control. It’s important to remember that they will also be affected by the flash if they are looking directly at it. To prevent them from having to turn the flashes too, and therefore ensure they’re able to fully take advantage of your enemies being blinded, try to flash the other side of structures rather than on corners. This is because the flash has a 180 degree range, as illustrated below:

Flashing from a corner
Via: Valorant
Flashing from the opposite side
Via: Valorant

You’ll often see Breach players using their flash in combination with their other abilities as it minimizes the risk of pushing enemies caught by stuns and denies them from getting info. You can pretty much make a player completely helpless by repeatedly deploying your util to disorient them more and more before getting an easy kill!

Fault Line

Via: Valorant
  • Cost: Free
  • Windup: 1s
  • Cooldown: 40s
  • Effect: 3.5s concuss

Fault Line is Breach’s signature ability and it leaves enemies incredibly vulnerable by concussing them. This significantly lowers their movement speed, fire rate, and causes their crosshair to move, so aiming is much harder.

When angling your stun, be mindful of your minimap, which will show you the area it will affect. You want to make sure that it will be as difficult to escape as possible to get as much value from it as you can. You’ll also often want to use its full length, as you can catch multiple parts of the map at once.

Via: Valorant

Be wary of where your teammates are located, because it’s possible to stun them too! Positioning yourself strategically is necessary to reach the areas you want to stun but without potentially affecting your teammates too.

Even though you ideally want to gain the advantage in a firefight that stunning would give, you can still take a lot of space if the enemies have fallen back from the angle to avoid the stun, so you can still get the upper hand even without it hitting anyone.

An example of a strong default Fault Line is stunning A ramp and heaven on Split from sewers. You can reach the whole of rafters, giving you the potential to catch multiple players. It means your team doesn’t need to worry about the initial duel from ramp and push up quickly, finishing off any stunned players and applying pressure on heaven as well as site in a much more favorable position.

Via: Valorant

When pushing a stunned opponent, remember that although their firing speed is hugely reduced, they can still shoot back – if they sit back and hold an angle they have a fair chance of one-tapping you. They might be much easier to kill, but they aren’t completely free!

There is a lot of potential for team synergy with Fault Line. For example, combining your stun with a Raze nade makes it much more difficult for a trapped player to get away given their reduced movement speed. You can also coordinate with a Yoru to stun an area before they teleport up close to take the engagement, or a Killjoy about to activate her swarm grenades.

Rolling Thunder

Via: Valorant
  • 7 points
  • Windup: 1.2s
  • Effect: 7m knockback and 6s concuss

Rolling Thunder is a very strong ult due to the sheer area it can cover – it can encompass an entire site! Like Fault Line, it can also affect your teammates, so be sure to communicate with them to make sure they’re ready to push afterwards and remain out of the danger zone until the ult has passed by them.

Via: Valorant

The powerful knockback can force players off a spike plant or defuse, prevent a push, and generally force them out of position, potentially leaving them vulnerable out in the open. Before they realize what’s happening, your team will be upon them to finish them off!

Since it can cover a whole site, Breach’s ult is great for an execute or retake. Simply set it off just as your teammates push and they’ll be winning gunfights with ease. If you angle it correctly, there won’t be anywhere for the enemy to run – or if they can escape it, they’ll be forced off site.

The underpass below B on Fracture is renowned as the perfect location to Breach ult from. You can reach every angle of B while being completely safe yourself, then run back up to support your team. So long as your team can capitalize on the weakened opponents and get the kills, you’ll be able to lock down the round easily.

Via: Valorant

Remember that you don’t always need to cover the largest possible area with your ult. If you know multiple enemies are pushing from the same angle, you can hit them all at once by directing your Rolling Thunder towards them.

Ulting in the direction away from site can also be very strong to defend yourself from some angles and isolate gunfights much more easily. You could also use your ult in place of a stun to reach more angles, such as the Split A heaven and ramp play we described earlier. This can be particularly useful if you know the other team prefer a retake setup, positioning themselves off-site.

That’s it for our Valorant Breach guide – now you’re ready to be a great teammate and rack up those assists! If you found this article helpful, be sure to check out our site for more!